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10 Free Mobile Applications That Earn You Extra Money


Today, more than 48% of the world’s population carry smartphones in their pocket. Admittedly, these smartphones are the central part of our lives now. Smartphones come with numerous apps that can perform almost anything virtually. You already know the advantages of apps and how they are valuable to you. However, let alone being entertained by these apps, today, using these apps can even make you some extra bucks. Custom Mobile app development companies develop these apps to attract users and grow their business quickly.

Surely, what you might be lacking in knowledge is that these following unfamiliar apps may offer some of the best approaches to make you extra bucks for free. Not exactly for free, but ensuring your time to these apps can guarantee you some money in return. As you know, time is money. So, instead of using gaming apps or social media apps, you can use these killer apps to earn.

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The accompanying apps created by Custom Mobile application development companies provide you money for just using them:

1 – Swagbucks

The Swagbucks mobile app is one of the legitimate paid survey apps. This app makes sure to provide its users free gift cards and cash for the everyday things you do online. This survey app has previously paid its users more than $587 million in cash and free gift cards. So take simple surveys and put money back in your wallet.

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Likewise, earning from the Swagbucks app is effortless. Fill out the survey questions, and there you go! You can even get a $5 Bonus just by signing up. A Custom Mobile application development company also creates the Swagbucks-related mobile app. So, again, take surveys from the Users and develop business strategies to grow their business rapidly.le

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2 – Paribus

Moreover, stores make alterations to their prices most of the time. While, the Paribus tool helps you find your money when the amounts descent, after checking your acquisitions. It can be very useful when you buy some product, and it goes on sale later on, in this case, use Paribus to refund you the difference. And hey, that is also free money! In short, Paribus ensures you repay for the things you already bought.

3 – Ibotta

Ibotta app offers you an exceptional technique to save bucks just by getting discounts(rebates).

The following steps you should go through to gain discounts in Ibotta:

  1. Create an account for free
  2. Download the mobile app
  3. Then Click on ‘Rebates’
  4. Done!

Besides, you’ll discover a lot of alluring deals on the ‘Rebates’ page. Simply take photos of your receipts and get deals. The discounts (Rebates) can vary depending on the product and the promotion. For example, now, Ibotta offers a $10 sign-up bonus for new users; afterward, you redeem your first receipt.

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4 – InboxDollars

Nobody thought just searching on the web can make you some bucks. Yes. You can earn extra dollars just by using the InboxDollars search engine. Also, in InboxDollars, you can make some extra bucks for a variety of tasks. That includes online searches too. You can earn 15 cents daily via the InboxDollars search engine. So even you’ll make $5 just by signing up in InboxDollars.

5 – Decluttr

If you want some fast cash, then Decluttr helps you make that. It enables you to sell your old electronics for cash. Decluttr app offers an easy-to-use interface with some simple steps to make you cash fast:

  1. First, scan the barcode of the old electronics you want to sell. That includes old CDs, phones, games, books, and more.
  2. Get an immediate offer for your stuff
  3. Mail in your stuff
  4. You’ll get your money the next day when items are received

If you are still wondering for some extra cash, then don’t panic. Simply find some excess junk in your house or room and get paid.

6 – i-Say

It’s funny how people share their opinions for free. But, today, the i-Say survey app rewards you for your views. So, don’t waste your views for free, lol, just kidding. But, hey, if you are an expert in giving people advice, try an i-Say app to earn just by sharing your opinion. The i-Say survey app is created by-polls firm known as Ipsos.

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On top of that, Ipsos is always the focus of all political opinions. Thus, filling surveys in your spare time in the i-Say app can make you redeemable points. The redeemable points can be cashed out through PayPal, or you can use it to buy gift cards on iTunes and Amazon.

7 – Bookscounter

Who needs old books that are already decomposing on your shelves? You can use Bookscounter to sell your old books that you no longer need them. Apart from this, Bookscounter is followed by some simple steps to sell your books. First, use your smartphone to scan the barcodes of the books you mean to sell. After this step, Bookscounter will let you view the offers for the books. Now, settle on the best offer, and fill a form regarding where you want to receive the payments. Lastly, ship your books to the address of your bidder.

8 – ShopTracker

ShopTracker app only needs your shopping data, ensuring you complete anonymity. That excludes your name and address. Therefore, Custom Mobile application development company built the ShopTracker app to survey people on their shopping data and use this information to improve the shopping experience. If you shop online and help survey companies learn about your shopping experiences and earn extra bucks for free. You can get started making with the ShopTracker in just three easy steps:

  1. Install the ShopTracker app
  2. Register yourself
  3. Begin earning rewards month after month
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Also, have $3 just for signing up! And share your online purchase information and get paid.

Most importantly, ShopTracker promises your complete anonymity as well as keeping your data secure.

9 – Foap

I bet you haven’t heard of the Foap app before. If you have, then you would be earning money just by taking photos. Yes. Foap app allows you to make money just by taking pictures and selling them. However, you have no idea how in-demand good images are on several boundless grounds at this time of blogs and websites. You can become a Foaper now if you take a minute off to take photos and upload them in the Foap app and earn.

10 – Field Agent

The Field Agent app allows you to earn money for being a spy. This app employee you to use your smartphone to gather videos, photos, and information from stores and several other sites. In this case, use The Field Agent app and get paid by doing small jobs. Also, The Field agent app requires subsequent steps:

  1. There is the ‘job list’ column and ‘Map View’ column on the Field agent app’s main navigation screen that you can utilize to find jobs.
  2. As soon as you choose a job, you’ll be able to view the job’s requirements; if you fit the needs, then agree to take it.
  3. Once the job is selected, then you’ll be offered two hours to get the job done. Also, make sure you can do the job in the time frame.
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Apart from the usual applications, these ten apps mentioned in this article above can make you able to earn extra bucks just by doing their easy and simple steps. Furthermore, these apps don’t carry any additional functions than just selling and filling some survey apps. Hence, these apps are designed and developed by Custom Mobile application Development companies to utilize the user’s information to grow exceptionally.

You can build your own survey app from a Custom Software Development Company, Cubix if you have a small business and desire to grow quickly. After collecting users’ information, now you know the user likes and dislikes. Based on the user information, you can drive your business to that path. Starting a business plan without the user’s background knowledge may drop your business promptly. It’s always a reasonable step that several companies take, pay the user for their information and give them what they need. Now that’s an excellent business tactic!


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