Canada is always ready to welcome immigrants from different countries of the world. That is why people from different countries are living here as permanent residents and making this country a collage of different ethics and customs. Canada has its own unique lifestyle with a different culture and immigrants from different countries come and mix with the culture of this country without losing their own.

If you are willing to move to Canada then you will need to know important things about Canada such as its weather, lifestyle, education system, health care etc. This will help you make your preparations top-notch accordingly. 

Many Immigrants experience a little bit of discomfort after moving to Canada. If you will be aware and have knowledge of the main characteristics of Canadian culture then it can help you to be integrated into Canadian life smoothly. Here, we will share some important information regarding the lifestyle and culture in Canada that will help you to understand more about the Canadian lifestyle.

2. Weather

If you do not want to live in the coastal areas of the BC coast or in Southern Ontario. You are going to experience chilled cold weather with snowy winters and also a touch of warm summers. 

12 Things You Need To Know Before Moving To Canada

If you are from a hot country then you will face the snowy and chilly weather of Canadian winter. It will surely surprise you. Temperatures will decrease up to -25°C, in winter. but it is not a matter of big worry because you have to come here prepared with the right clothing for winter and lots of confidence. 

2. Diversity

Immigrants from different countries having different languages and cultures are welcomed by the Canadian government. Almost 40 members sitting in the Parliament were not born in Canada. You will meet people speaking various languages and having different religions and cultures in different cities of Canada. 

You do not have any need to leave your own traditions, culture or values settling in Canada. You only need to adjust successfully in its atmosphere to create huge chances of your success. Developing a broad vision or thought will definitely benefit you. 


Maybe you belong to a well-off country where those workers who are working in service and hotel sectors get smart payment for their services and also earn extra benefits so that giving them extra tips for their services is not compulsory at your place. In Canada the situation is different, and tipping is a basic necessity in Canada. 

The workers who are working as a bartender usually are not earning high wages, it will be around $10/ hour or wages depend upon that province. In some provinces, wages are very low for service workers around $8/ hour. 

It seems very strange but if you have not given any tip to the service worker then they will be responsible for paying out of their pocket to serve you. So, tipping is a necessary part of Canadian culture. You have to tip around 15% of the total bill or 20% for highly knowledgeable service and a dollar/ drink.

4. The Job Hunt

If you want to search or want to apply for a job in Canada then it could be a long procedure and will take a longer time. You have to adjust there accordingly until you establish yourself in Canada. It will take at least a bare minimum of time for you to achieve a professional position. That is why you have to plan accordingly and make sure that you can live there without any Chaos. Here are some tips to prepare yourself:

  1. You need sufficient financial sources so that you can spend some initial months comfortably until you achieve a good job. 
  2. Be prepared to do a non-career job for a short period of time but always focus on finding a career-oriented job. 
  3. You should practice and adopt the Canadian lifestyle before reaching Canada so that you can adjust to its atmosphere easily.

5. Cost of living

You have to get the basic knowledge of the cost of living in Canada, especially for the city you have chosen to live in. If you reach there without knowing the rental cost of that area then it can be difficult for you. 

Toronto and Vancouver, specifically downtown areas so that rental prices are comparatively high. Montreal has a low cost for property and rent both but salaries are also very low in Montreal.

6. Smoking

Smoking is illegal in public places like health care centers, restaurants, offices and hospitals. You can not even smoke in public or common areas of apartment buildings and rental apartment buildings. You can smoke only in your living place or your vehicle. 

7. Healthcare

The healthcare system of Canada is famous around the world. The healthcare system is the support system on which the immigrants are coming and living in Canada. It works by publicly-funds which is almost upto a certain point and the services offered by private sectors. 

Paid healthcare using some federal funds, by the provinces. The provincial government has to issue a health card to each individual who has qualified for the program, and all the people receive the same kind of health care services. 

Permanent residents can avail of the provincial cover but many people have to wait for a few months in some provinces to get their provincial coverage. Private health insurance policies are also available for that duration of time.

8. Driving licenses

If you have passed your driving test in your home country, it will not be valid in Canada. 

Driving licenses are a difficult task to get because:

Firstly, licenses are issued by the provincial ministry, not by the federal government. Every province has their own conditions for the driving test process. Secondly, various countries have some specific agreements with provinces of Canada from across the globe. 

You must have knowledge of the rules and conditions for international licence-holders in the province you have chosen to live in and make sure you have the correct documents before moving to Canada.


You have to pay income tax to both the federal government and the Canadian provincial governments. The term of income tax depends on the status of your employment. You may get a tax return at the completion of the fiscal year. Sales taxes are different in all the provinces. It is about 5% in Alberta and 14. 975% in Quebec. 

10. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms

It is very important to be aware of your rights while arriving and living in Canada. According to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, many political rights have been given to the Canadian citizens and civil rights to all the people in the country.

11. Credit Based Economy

Canada has an economy that is based on credit. It means that people make their purchases using credit cards and repay the whole amount back at the end of their credit card billing cycle. You need to equip a bare minimum understanding of how to wisely make use of credit cards. You can start by making small payments such as phone bills, grocery bills and surely repay all the money on time to avoid extra charges as the credit card has a high-interest rate. 

  • Always remember that credit cards have limits and have very high interest rates, so you need to manage the balance and repay money regularly. It will be beneficial to you in achieving a good credit score. 
  • Having a credit score is important in Canada. The financial companies will judge your ability to get loans by measuring your credit card score. 

12. Phone, Internet And Cable TV Are Costly

Air Conditioning and heaters are highly used in Canada and have a very high cost. The average electricity bills are around $50-80 CAD/month and water bills about $20-40 CAD/month. Internet and cable TV together bill usually upto $100 CAD in one month. Canadian people have to pay the highest prices for mobile phone plans. Most people in Canada have contact-based phone plans. The personal phone plans can cost around $50-100 CAD per month. It will be very important to make a budget and plan your expenses before moving to Canada.

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