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5 Simple Steps to Grow and Maintain Beautiful, Healthy Hair 

Hair is one of the parts that pretty much steal the spotlight when it comes to beauty and grooming. And for the fact that hair needs high maintenance, having a hair care routine is an important step to maintaining clean, vibrant, and overall healthy hair.

Different people have different hair care routines depending on their hair types. There are also multiple different hair products that fit the different types of hair. But here is a five simple step routine from experts at Toowoomba hairdressers, that is going to help you grow and maintain healthy and beautiful hair;

Step #1; Determine your Hair Type

This comes number one because you cannot afford to skip it no matter what. Knowing your hair type is the beginning of a fresh, long, and healthy hair type. This is the basis that will create the rest of your hair care routine from products and how often you treat your hair.

Different people have different types including straight hair, curly hair, wavy hair, and oily hair. But it just doesn’t stop there. You must know everything about your hair including diameter or thickness to determine how fine or coarse your hair is, density for how thick your hair is, elasticity to determine the strength of your hair, porosity, and texture. 

5 Simple Steps to Grow and Maintain Beautiful

Step #2; Find your Best Hair Care Products

Once you know your hair type, it is time to grab your products. It is important to know that just because a certain product helps your friend’s hair for longer and thicker, it is going to help you too. Different people have different types of hair and this means different products too.

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You also want to make sure that you have all the essential products for a successful hair routine. Your hair needs all the vitamins, minerals, and protection it can get from your products. So don’t just go out looking for products, make sure you find the very ones that your hair needs.  

Step #3; Clean and Condition

Now that you know your hair type and have all the products you need, it is time you make sure your hair is always clean and conditioned. Find out when it is the best time to wash and shampoo your hair, and how often you should do it. Again, this varies depending on your hair type.

Ideally, you are not supposed to wash your hair any more than three times a week. If you use a lot of products or work out often, your hair might get oily because of sweat and build-up. In this case, you can have a flexible washing routine and wash depending on your schedule, level of activity, and the products you use. 

Step #4; Brush

Brushing your hair is also another important step of the hair care routine. This may seem obvious and like “duh”, everyone brushes their hair. But it is not about brushing your hair but more about how you do it. How you brush your hair may cause breakage and even more damage to your hair. 

Your type of hair as well as the type of brush you use also comes into play. A wide-toothed comb is gentle on hair and frail strands and is more advisable when detangling. Also, avoid brushing your hair when it is dripping wet as brushing knots out may cause breakage. 

Step #5; Styling

Once you have passed all the other steps then you are almost done, just one more thing remaining; styling. This is simple when your hair is cleaned and moisturized. All you need to do is dry your hair and apply some texture cream. The type of your hair also is a contributing factor to how you style your hair.

Make sure to also be conscious of the styling products you use as some may cause damage to the hair. The right hair tools also come in handy to ensure your hair is well styled and well protected. Some of these tools include Hair dryer, bobby pins, scrunches, brushes, and combs, hair bands and hair clips, and more. 

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