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6 Features Are A Must Have In A Flagship Phone

In today’s competitive smartphone market, flagship phones are considered to be the pinnacle of modern technology. Manufacturers try their best to make sure their flagship phone is better than the competition in order to get consumers’ attention and money. In order to compete with other devices, a flagship device has a lot of features that set it apart from others on the market. We’re going to go through what some of these features are and why they’re important for a flagship phone.


We’ll start off with camera quality, which is one of the most important features in a new smartphone. This includes not only how good the pictures look but also extras like lighting tricks, portrait mode, and more. Other notable features that help sell the product can include waterproofing, wireless charging, wireless audio, and more. It’s important to note that these are not all the features a major manufacturer needs to have in their flagship phone but instead they’re what consumers come to expect.


For this article we’re only going to look at basic flagship phone features worth mentioning because there are so many of them.


  1. Quad-Core processors


Microphones for smartphones and tablets are becoming the norm. In a flagship device, having a quad-core processor can be one of the first huge differences between rivals. Quad-Core processors have four processors working in parallel, meaning it can run workloads faster and not as much stress is put on the battery. This results in improved performance in general, even if your phone is running slower than competitors at first. Additionally, at an affordable Honor 10 A price, you’ll be able to avail the same.

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  1. Waterproofing


Being able to withstand an accidental drop into water is a feature many consumers take advantage of these days. Though it has been around since smartphones first came out, waterproofing has become extremely prominent in today’s market because of its usefulness (and price). Having a waterproof phone means you don’t have to worry about dropping it in the toilet or running it through the washing machine. This can save a lot of stress, especially for those who live by the pool or frequently get their devices wet.


  1. Wireless charging


Nearly every flagship smartphone has wireless charging now, which is an upgrade from the days of wired charging. Some devices even have onboard fast-charging for quick power ups when you’re on the go. Having a wireless charging feature is great if your charger is lost or broken since you can just lay your phone on any other wireless charger instead of replacing a cord (which may be hard to find).


  1. Dual-lens/rear camera


When compared to flagship phones, most other devices on the market use only one camera on the rear of their devices. Only recently has dual-lens technology become a mainstay in the smartphone market and it’s slowly becoming the norm. Having a dual-lens means you can get better pictures with more depth and clarity (mostly because you can change your focus after taking the picture). This is great for those who like to take pictures of landscapes or other things that have overlapping foregrounds and backgrounds.

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  1. Onboard fast-charging technology (Quick Charge 2.0 or better)


In order to provide extra juice for your phone’s battery, some manufacturers will offer charging technology for the device. This means you can charge up faster than ever before on a standard charger. Since most phones now come with Quick Charge 2.0, it’s important that the manufacturer has this feature onboard to compete with other devices in the market. Otherwise, you may be stuck with a slower charging time than others on the market which is especially frustrating if you need your device rapidly-charged in an emergency situation. We also have this in Honor 10 A on a very affordable Honor 10 A price.


  1. Wireless audio (Bluetooth 4.0 and better)


Nowadays, many flagship smartphones come with support for wireless audio out of the box. This is great for consumers who want to listen to their music wirelessly. Most new phones use the latest version of Bluetooth which allows audio to be streamed out of your phone, through a bluetooth speaker or headphone. This is a great feature that’s easy to take advantage of and most people don’t realize how useful it is until they’ve tried it.



These are just some of the most notable flagship phone features that many consumers take advantage of. Overall, it’s important to keep in mind that these are only a few, even though they’re important ones. Also, you should check out Honor 10 A price because it gives us all the above features with complete affordability.

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