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7 Benefits of Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

A divorce can pose mental and physical challenges even when ending the marriage is right for both parties. You’re entering unchartered waters, especially if you have children, and likely have mixed feelings about your spouse. A divorce lawyer in Atlanta can make sense of the legal process and provide a safe, friendly space where you can talk.

7 Benefits of Hiring a Divorce Lawyer in Atlanta

1. Account for Details

A divorce can be all-consuming, meaning it’s easy to forget crucial details about your marriage and assets. An attorney will use their knowledge of the law as well as previous experience to ask all the right questions. They will delve into property ownership and probe for information about your relationship, including how it started and what led to its demise. They’ll also ask about your:

  • Parenting practices
  • Joint financial assets
  • Employment status 
  • Current living situation
  • Must-haves from the divorce

The more your attorney understands your marriage, the better equipped they are to advocate on your behalf. As they work behind the scenes, you can start building a new life for yourself.

2. De-Escalate Conflict

It’s natural to feel emotionally vulnerable as your marriage reaches its final days. This can lead to uncontrolled arguments with your spouse that may negatively impact your divorce outcome. An attorney will help de-escalate conflict by handling the divorce like a business transaction. To illustrate, they may advise you to set and stick to very specific times when picking up or dropping off the kids.

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A top-rated divorce lawyer in Atlanta, GA may also recommend you avoid discussions with your spouse. Finally, they may refer you to a professional counselor who can help you gain control over your emotions. These steps leave the arguments to your attorney, who is skilled in the art of negotiation.

3. Hasten the Divorce Process

While you cannot forego the legal waiting period for divorce, which is 30 days in Georgia, a lawyer can help you reach a resolution with greater ease. They will keep you aware of all upcoming meetings and hearings so you don’t miss a date. 

Likewise, an attorney will help you prepare for these events so they progress without delay. Knowing what to expect and how to respond can help hearings move more quickly – and ease your stress. The same is true of paperwork. Your lawyer will request that you gather documents like tax returns and property valuations to keep important information at hand.

4. Ensure You Get a Fair Share

Divorce is comprised of many different parts, including the division of assets and property. In Georgia, property obtained before the marriage usually stays with its original owner. Marital property, however, is likely to be divided according to the concept of equitable distribution. While this can lead to assets being equally divided, that’s not always the case. 

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The judge handling your divorce will examine different factors to conclude how property should be best divided. Those factors include both spouse’s financial and non-financial contributions to the household. An attorney can build a clear and concise argument to show why certain assets should be distributed in your favor.

5. Prevent Asset Concealment

A survey from the University of Southern Mississippi shows that 53% of Americans are guilty of financial infidelity, a term that simply means one spouse has lied to another about shared financial matters. If spouses don’t reveal the truth about money while married, you can be certain they try to unfairly impact property division during divorce. An attorney can help stop deceitful tactics by reviewing your finances and looking for:

  • Secret account information
  • Unusual and significant amounts of debt
  • Newly opened bank accounts

6. Make Beneficial Custody Arrangements

If you share children with your spouse, you will need to set aside your differences to establish beneficial custody arrangements. Forgetting grievances can, however, be much easier said than done. Your lawyer will step into the fray and help establish a custody arrangement that satisfies both parents. More importantly, your attorney will ensure the best arrangements for your children.

7. Provide Objective Advice

It is difficult, if not downright impossible, to be impartial during a divorce. Your spouse likely wants an advantage and will do everything possible to achieve their ends. Meanwhile, your own emotions may be seesawing as you try to sort out finances, living arrangements, and visitation with the children. 

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Your attorney is not intimately involved in your marriage and can provide objective advice that reflects your best interests. They won’t refer back to emotional arguments but will instead ask and consider what you truly want. They also have in-depth knowledge of the law and can therefore guide you in a way friends or relatives cannot.

Whether your divorce seems simple or complex, a lawyer can provide legal counsel and listen to your personal frustrations. They will account for the details you might overlook, provide sound advice, and help the divorce process move as quickly as possible. They will also help craft fair custody arrangements and fight for the assets you deserve. In short, an attorney can clear the cobwebs and help you make sense of your new situation.


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