February 4


8 amazing things about Huawei P50

Huawei P50 is one of Huawei’s best-selling flagship smartphones that has high-end specifications, a 4360- mAh battery and a 5.99″ OLED QHD+ display. Here are just 8 amazing things about this phone:


1) The world’s first phone with 6GB RAM (Huawei P30 Pro, Huawei Mate 20 Pro): It has six, making it the world’s first phone with 6GB RAM in a standard configuration. Having six non-removable RAM modules supports a larger number of applications at one time and delivers a better user experience.


2) A 4360mAh battery: The 41 + 1.5V was designed to maximise performance while providing dependable battery life. The 4360mAh battery is able to provide up to 2 days of usage on one full charge and can be charged quickly via 40W fast-charging technology, reaching 80% in only 40 minutes.


3) The world’s first 15W super-fast wireless charging: The 40-watt wireless charger is the world’s first phone with 15W fast charging, which supplies the best possible charging speed. It is able to deliver 5V / 2A to charge the battery.


4) OLED Full-screen display: This phone has a 5.99″ OLED Full-screen display that delivers an immersive experience, along with high brightness, minimal power consumption and outstanding durability. The new OLED technology offers such advantages as higher contrast and better accuracy when displaying images and better visibility in bright sunlight. This phone supports HDR10 content distribution and has Dolby Vision (HDR10 + Dolby Vision). The OLED Full-screen display has a resolution of 2048 x 1080 and aspect ratio of 19: 9.

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5) 48MP sensor: The back camera has 48 Megapixel with f/1.8 aperture, which delivers great photos and assistance when taking selfies. The rear camera supports PDAF (Focus Pixels AutoFocus) and OIS (Optical Image Stabilization), scene detection and face recognition features so that consumers can take beautiful photos in different situations, such as HDR+ mode for taking high-quality photos in low light. This phone also supports portrait mode for beautiful photos when the subject is close to the camera lens.


6) 960fps slow-motion video: This phone supports 960 FPS slow-motion video and 720 FPS super slow-motion video. The 1080P Full HD resolution enables users to capture the subject clearly when shooting in slow motion.


7) The world’s first phone with 40W fast charging, reaching 80% in 40 minutes: This phone supports 40W fast charging via its fast charger (supplied), which is the world’s first. After only 40 minutes of charging, it can reach 80% of its battery capacity and other smartphones currently on the market usually need 2 hours to cover this distance. After 2 hours of charging, the Huawei P50 can reach 70%.


8) Industry’s highest 106dB speaker output: This phone supports 48 hours of music playback with a single charge, which is the highest ever. The speaker delivers clear and loud sound without any distortion and it is also very durable.

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9) Advanced AI technology: This phone supports the advanced AI technology that helps users to take great photos, by automatically recognizing different scenes, adjusting the parameters for a variety of lighting situations and instantly delivering the best possible results. This smartphone also supports the world’s first 6GB RAM with 48MP camera and 40W wireless charging.



With an amazing price of Huawei p50 pocket, it is a great phone in many aspects, which has high-end specifications, a 4360-mAh battery and a 5.99″ OLED QHD+ display. It takes just one second for you to decide whether you want to buy it or not.




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