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8 features of Huawei Vision S that you need to know about

Huawei has been a leader in the global smartphone market for years. With its latest flagship – Huawei Vision S – it wants to be your all-in-one device, from entertainment to work. You can use it as a music player or a one-touch camera to shoot a “selfie,” and then turn around and prepare for tomorrow’s high-level meeting with Powerpoint slides on the big screen.

Here are 8 features of Huawei Vision S that you need to know about.

  1. Power of the chipset: Huawei’s Kirin 920 processor is a joint product of Huawei and Qualcomm, which has 4 cores of Cortex-A15 CPU and 4 cores of Cortex-A7 CPU. The CPU can perform about 2.3 times as fast in comparison with the Kirin 810, which made the Huawei Vision S a more capable device than other smartphones using processors from Qualcomm.
  2. Beautification: Huawei Vision S has plenty of smart beauty functions for you to beautify your image wherever you go, including “double click camera,” “beautify” and “photoshoot”. You can also improve your face by adjusting skin tone through face mapping technology on screen or by scanning your face in front of the camera.
  3. Magic Touch: Huawei Vision S’s “Magic Touch” screen can be used as a small computer. A 6-inch screen is large enough to help you get things done as you are driving on the road, without the need to turn on your notebook. Plus it makes a great music player and a one-touch camera – all of which add up to an undeniably incredible experience!
  4. Battery life: Huawei Vision S has a long battery life that will keep up with you no matter how busy your day is. It passed 14 hours of testing by Geekbench 3 Battery Consumption Test which calculates the power consumption rate under continuous three-dimensional workloads including video encoding, photo decoding and Web browsing.
  5. Precise fingerprint identification: Huawei Vision S supports fingerprint identification. You can scan your fingerprints to unlock the smartphone and make payments quickly and easily through the mobile banking system on its big screen. And with the help of mobile commerce, you can also buy Huawei Vision S at more than 3,000 locations across the country without needing to carry cash.
  6. Becoming a workplace camera: Huawei Vision S is designed for convenience when you are in business meetings or going on business trips. With the “selfie” function, it perfectly takes portrait photos of yourself that can be shared via social networks, while “power shot” will turn your hand gestures into high-quality still images every time!
  7. Huawei Vision S’s high-performance TV: Huawei Vision S sports 2 Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) IPS screens with wide viewing angle, which can provide you with a more vivid and lifelike visual experience. It also has a built-in IR remote controller, and you can connect it to various HDMI-equipped devices like TVs, projectors, home theatre systems and more to enjoy one screen display.
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With the amazing Huawei Vision S price, it is designed to be your all-in-one device, from entertainment and work to communication. With a long battery life and several smart beauty functions, it is a perfect smartphone for the modern businessman who needs to stay productive and creative at all times.


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