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Add A Touch of Elegance With New Dining Chairs

Are you decorating a new home? Or is it time to update the look of your current residence? Either way, the dining room is a great place to start your design. It’s a high-traffic area that receives a lot of use. Household members and friends all find themselves using this space for a number of reasons. Of course, eating is the main activity, but it’s also where everyone gathers to talk and work on projects for work or school.

A sturdy table is always a thought, but what about the chairs. You want them to last a long time also, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice fashion for function. Stylish dining chairs are a simple and effective way to upgrade the look of the set. There are several features you can look for in a chair to bring a touch of sophistication to the dining area.

One of those features is a winged back. These pieces are classy and timeless and fit with most designs. Whether you prefer a modern or a more traditional look, the wingback chair is the perfect addition to the space. Diners will find the curved sides extremely comfortable.

Tufting adds a sense of luxury to the dining area. It adds a decorative flair to the chair, and there are a few different tufting options you can choose. Button tufting is the most popular for dining chair sets, but you can also find diamond tufting, biscuit tufting, blind tufting, and others. The styles have variations that give you dining chairs elegant enough for any home.

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While we’re talking about tufting, upholstery naturally should be a part of the conversation. Tufting is a technique used for upholstered pieces to keep the filling from shifting around. While it adds to the chair’s character and texture, it also has a very basic function.

Upholstered chairs are another way to upgrade the look and feel of the dining room. You won’t have any trouble finding them in a wide array of colors, prints, or patterns to match any décor. One thing to consider is the level of activity that takes place in the dining room.

If it’s used daily, you should choose darker upholstery or patterns that forgive any spill or mess they encounter. Keep in mind that you will still have to deep-clean the chairs occasionally. When it comes to choosing colors, play off of the shades already in the room. Complement the rug or carpets, or choose a contrasting color to make the area pop.

Leather upholstery is chic and classic and works well with any style table. Leather is also easily maintained and a wonderful choice for busy households. Spills and allergens won’t seep into the padding and harm the integrity of the piece.

Armrests also upgrade the look of the chair and make it easier to lounge when seated. Dining chairs are a simple way to bring elegance to a space that is often seen as the heart of the home.

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