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Does Skateboarding Help With Anxiety?

Anxiety is a serious condition that can affect both your mental and physical health. One of the ways to deal with anxiety is through an activity that promotes a sense of calm and relaxation. Stress and anxiety cause physical changes in our brain, including increased blood pressure and heart rate, less immune-response to viruses, slower breathing, and more emotional instability. So what better way than to combat such negative effects than doing something you enjoy?


Skateboarding has been found to be beneficial in lessening the symptoms of anxiety by promoting social interactions with other skaters as well as simply helping people forget about their worries for a while. It is a good sign that many kids with ADHD symptoms are skateboarders. Because skateboarding does not rely only on physical strength, but also coordination, it provides a form of activity which can be enjoyed by all.


Here are some other ways in which skateboarding helps with anxiety:


  1. Skateboarding burns energy and releases adrenaline, which can have an effect of calming down your system: Skateboarding offers an escape from the everyday worries and stressors. It brings out the inner creativity in people and lets them express themselves. While skateboarding increases self-esteem and confidence in people, it also instills discipline into one’s life. Skateboarding helps people cope with their lives, because it gives people an outlet for stress.
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  1. Skateboarding requires the involvement of all the senses: The skateboard is designed to feel good and float over even the roughest terrain that can cause anxiety in some people. The blade slides on a wax surface along rails and banks, stimulating your sense of touch and providing a feeling of being in control. Skateboarders can feel how their board moves, which is one way for them to learn about how much pressure they are putting on their board as well as how fast they are moving.


  1. Skateboarding is a way to express yourself: It is an art form, and you are creating a work of art when you skateboard. You are able to give your life movement and with each trick you have the chance to build your self-confidence and move one step closer towards success in life.


Skateboarding is not just a sport; it is more than that. It can be seen as something that helps kids develop their self-esteem and confidence so they can become more independent in the future. When people use skateboarding as a stress reliever, it helps them cope with anxiety, providing them with a sense of relief from their problems for a while. However, because skateboarding helps people develop their self-esteem and confidence, it helps them cope with anxiety and other mental problems in the future.

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One of the main causes of anxiety is overthinking. The human brain has very limited processing power and is not able to recognize what is real or not real. It can be hard for people to distinguish between their own thoughts and reality. Many people think about their problems so much that they start to believe that there are solutions out there for them, when in fact there is not really a solution for anyone who suffers from anxiety or depression. The way to end this problem is through practicing positive thinking through skateboarding.


Skateboarding is not a cure for anxiety. However, it does show you ways to get rid of stress and anxiety. Through constantly doing tricks and progressing through the various levels of skateboarding, it shows you progress and encourages you to continue. When people do something that they enjoy the most, it makes them feel better about themselves, which is why skateboarding is so beneficial to those suffering from anxiety or depression.


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