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Here’s How You Should Choose A Yoga Teacher Training

So, you heard about yoga teacher training and want to teach this sacred art to others? Congratulations on choosing such a noble profession! However, keep in mind that despite your love for yoga, to become a professional yoga teacher requires a lot. Apart from the time and efforts, you must be clear about certain things. For example, be clear whether you want to do a 200 hour yoga training or an advanced course.

Although a simple Google search will bring up millions of search results for these YTT programs, there are some questions that you have to answer. To help you make the right decision, yoga experts have come up with a few questions. Pay attention to the information below.

5 Questions You Should Answer Before Enrolling In YTT

Given below are five questions you should answer before enrolling in a yoga training program.

1. What Are Your Personal Goals Behind Joining A Yoga Teacher Training?

Do you want to enroll in a YTT to improve personal yoga practice or share it with others? Don’t worry! Both reasons are completely acceptable, the only thing to consider is these are the actual reasons for joining the YTT.


There are many who enroll in a yoga training with the aim of improving their own practice. However, with time, they end up falling in love with the teaching aspect of this ancient art. Just remember, you will have to demonstrate yoga teaching skills inspite of whether you plan to teach or not.

2. Are You Interested In An Long-Term Or Short-Term Yoga Teacher Training Program?

Remember, when it comes to yoga teacher training, there is a lot of variety. You can sign up for a beginner-level or the advanced 500 hour yoga teacher training program. The majority of yoga studios and schools offer programs that require your full attendance to earn the certification.

In other words, if you are short of time and have more responsibilities, look for a short-term course. However, if you want to learn yoga by staying away from the hustle and bustle of city life, then enroll in a long-term yoga training program.

3. Do You Want To Learn One Or Multiple Styles Of Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient art that has transitioned with time into a global phenomenon. This has given birth to multiple yoga styles like Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, and Kundalini among others. You should be sure about what style of yoga appeals you the most.

Yoga experts recommend you enroll in a foundational yoga training which provides you an idea about the different yoga styles.

4. Are You Ready For Hours Of Yoga Practice?

Understand that every YTT, be it even the 200 hour yoga teacher training, has a specific number of hours covering every aspect of yoga. Whether it is asana practice, lessons on yoga philosophy or yoga teaching skills; you should be ready to spend a considerable part of your day training in yoga. Make sure you are physically and mentally prepared to practice yoga for long hours before signing up for the YTT.

5. Do You Feel Comfortable With A Small Or Large Group?

Always inquire about the size of the yoga training class. On one hand, larger groups of yoga practitioners carry a different energy, but you might not get personal attention. On the other hand, smaller groups of yoga teacher training ensure you receive due attention from the teacher.

Make sure that the size of class fits your goals behind enrolling in a yoga teacher training program.

Always remember that choosing the right place for the yoga teacher training plays a crucial role in how much you learn about this sacred art. Yoga experts have come up with the perfect destination for yoga teacher training – India.

Why Choose India For Yoga Teacher Training?

India is the birthplace of yoga. It is here that yoga found mention in the ancient sacred texts like The Bhagwad Gita, and Sage Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Not enough? Read further to know what makes India the best place to enroll in yoga teacher training.

1. The Birthplace Of Yoga

As stated above, India is the birthplace of the spiritual art of yoga. Yoga has had a strong 5000 years of connection with India. Needless to say, it is here you stand a chance to learn yoga beyond its physical aspects. With certified yoga schools, you have a chance to acquire complete and authentic knowledge of yoga.

2. First-Hand Experience Of Yogic Lifestyle

Whether you are interested in a 200 hour or 500 hour yoga teacher training, India is where you would get the chance to experience the actual yogic lifestyle. This gives you the opportunity to focus on what is important in your life and what is plain noise.

3. Reconnect With Nature

Rishikesh yoga

India is a land of diversity and that covers not just the numerous traditions and cultures. Here you also get to experience a variety of landscapes and natural surroundings not found anywhere else.

Joining a yoga teacher training in India offers you a unique opportunity to dive into the mental and spiritual aspects of this ancient art.

There it is! Your guide to choosing the best yoga teacher training to help you dive deeper into the ancient art of yoga.


Want to transition from a beginner to advanced yoga practitioner? It is time you pack your bags, come to India, and enroll in the 500 hour yoga teacher training to learn everything about this ancient art.

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