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How and Where You Can Find Inspiration: Top 9 Online Tools

There are no universal sources of inspiration. One person is inspired by nature, another by communicating with friends and family, another by art in all its forms, and yet another by colorful games at the legal casino PlayAmo. But there is one place where everyone can find something that will inspire him. It’s the Internet.


With a couple of clicks you can enjoy picturesque landscapes from all over the world, browse the virtual galleries of the world’s museums or see the latest movies.


Here is a list of 9 useful tools that will help you find inspiration.

For Those Who Like Order

Keeping a diary is an activity that promotes order in all areas of life: study, work and life. But it is not always convenient to carry with you. Online diaries solve this problem.


The feature of this site is a view by weeks, the most convenient and clear way to organize and plan things. This layout is especially comfortable in the Web version.


Another useful feature of TWEEK is the automatic rollover of uncompleted tasks to the next day. This feature will not let the tasks you didn’t do or forgot about disappear. You can also share the site with another person. Just share the link with your colleagues or friends.

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For Lovers of Photography, Drawing, and Design

Imagine that you want to go to a photo shoot, but it’s hard to choose a theme. Mood to draw, but no ideas. How to wake up your imagination and find inspiration? The following tools can help solve them.


Photos, posters, and pictures are collected on Pinterest by theme. The site is great for those who need ideas to create an image for the evening, furnish a room, or design outlines.


By selecting one photo you like, you get a selection of similar themes and graphics. And you can create a virtual board with your own pictures and photos. Other users can see them and add them to their boards.

One Eye Land

This platform is better suited for photographers – there is a lot of original ideas for photos. There’s even a section called Inspiration.

The Oodles of Doodles Pool

Designers and artists who are interested in 3D drawing should take a close look at this resource. The Oodles of Doodles Pool contains works created with the help of computer technology. However, they will also be interesting to look at for those who are far from drawing and design.


Dribble is a social network for designers. It is a great place for experts to share their work and ideas, comment on the developments of others, and discuss them. For newbies-and they’re usually welcome-it’s a treasure trove of experience. Dribbble provides a critique by experts who will assess your work from a professional point of view.

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Typography Served

Typography Served is a collection of interesting and stylish fonts, as well as a variety of examples of creative typography. It’s a resource for many people, from high school students designing projects to programmers and digital designers designing websites.

Note Point

A collection of the best examples of PowerPoint presentations. We have to make presentations often – to give a presentation on our project, or present our startup. So why not approach them with creativity? Note Point is suitable for those who want their presentation to stand out from the rest.

For Book Lovers

Books are another source of inspiration. In addition to reading books directly, you can enjoy both the design and the visuals.

The Book Cover Archive

Anyone who loves creative and beautiful book covers will have their eyes glued to The Book Cover Archive. Here you’ll find some of the best examples of book covers. Looking at them is an activity that’s hard to resist.

For Those Who Love Music

Shakespeare wrote, “Music muffles sorrow.” Bach believed that the purpose of music was to “restore the soul.” Indeed, what, if not music, will inspire a man to do great things?


A music service where you’ll find playlists based on specific themes and moods. Fresh tracks of rappers or calm and melodic lo-fi music – playlists for every taste: for a party with friends, and for road trips. There’s a huge variety of musicians, including classical composers.

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