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How Best Parental Control App for Android Can Help to Parents

I remember it took me months to finally confess in front of my crush in school. I was too shy to do that and kept my feelings to myself for a long time. After confession, I gave an intense interview at the prom night in an eye-piercing environment. Yes, that was how we spent our dating life. And I think that’s how it is supposed to be. Teenagers need adult supervision in every step of their teen life not just dating and they are supposed to go through the procedure to take the go or stop sign from the parents or guardians. It is intense as far as teenagers are concerned but in fact, it is a way to show respect and ask for their permission.

Well, now things are way different than our time. I saw my teenager in the subway some months ago with a different girl and he has a display photo with a different girl these days. When I asked about it he said he broke up because of “conflicts of interest”. Well if that is the way you guys are going to build a relationship then am afraid it is going to be a tough ride. I have always tried to talk and chat about values and beliefs with my teenagers. My wife makes fun of me when I do that because she thinks am overreacting as they are just kids having fun and will learn the lesson with time.

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But my friends I believe in “teach them young”. So when he did not show any improvement I thought of trying another way. Many of you must have heard about the use of the best spy app for android for teenagers. I went for that. I am glad I took that decision as recently I had nightmares about the time when my daughter will reach a teenage dating life.

So in short it was a preliminary measure for my kids. Although I was a bit late for my boy but thankfully on time for the other children.

The app I am using is the TheOneSpy spy app and it has made things very easy for me.

Text Monitoring For Text Loving Generation:

I have seen my kids writing long-length paragraphs in text messages. Well, apparently they prefer texting as they don’t like to feel bound. With TheOneSpy best parental control app for android and iPhone the TheOneSpy you can have remote access to the text message folder of your teenager. Know all about the received and sent text messages with complete time stamp information to know about their texting record.

Find out What They Are Looking For In A Potential Partner:

Teenagers are picky in choosing a partner.  Technology has made things more simple as well as complicated for them. TheOneSpy offers a tinder spy app that can let the parents know about every tinder activity of their kids. You can even stop them from contacting any weirdo or sexual offender by just simply blocking the internet on their device.

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Keep A strict Eye On The Online Company:

List Of Social Media And Instant Messenger Chat App:

  1. The FaceBook spy app is used to check all the Facebook activities of the kids. You are provided with easy remote access even to the Facebook chatbox as well.
  2. WhatsApp spy app lets the user get into the private as well as group message folder of the teenager. You can know about the text message and call records of your teen easily.
  3. No need to worry about the disappeared content on Snapchat. TheOneSpy keeps the record of every conversation on the web portal for the user by offering a Snapchat spy app.
  4. Keep a strict eye on the Instagram friends and following of the kid. Forbid sexting or sharing of sensitive content on the photo-sharing platform by using the Instagram spy app.

With all the social media and internet kids these days have more online friends than in real life. It is the sad reality of the tech-savvy generation. Thus parents must keep up with the online company of the kids. TheOneSpy offers a wide range of social media and instant messenger monitoring features as parental control. TOS is also offers for employers





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