June 8


How To Glamp To Enjoy Both Comfort And Nature?

Glamping is a relatively new art of travel that combines “glamourous” and “camping”. For many of us, camping means sleeping in a tent and wearing sturdy boots and a backpack. The desire of camping must be this challenge to try your survival skills and live for a few days the life that is opposite of your comfortable lifestyle with electricity, a hot shower, and a cozy bed. But why not enjoy the excitement of exploring the outdoors and reconnecting with nature with some essential creature comforts we are used to? Glamping is way more comfortable than traditional camping but still has all the advantages of it. That’s why luxury camping or glamping is so appealing to many people and is growing in popularity.


As a glamper you don’t need to put up a tent and use camping toilets: you sleep in a glamping resort with a variety of accommodations such as yurts, tree houses, glass igloos, safari tents, comfortable modern huts, converted vans, cabins, and glamping pods. Some glamping resorts are also equipped with tents, but these tents are way more comfortable and spacious than the ones for wild camping. The regular glamping facilities you can find there vary greatly, but glamping resorts normally provide pre-installed accommodations with electricity, heating, running water, a kitchenette, and a bathroom.

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To make the glamping vacation more comfortable and interesting, they also offer guests yoga classes, playing golf, horseback riding, kayaking, biking, whitewater rafting, surfing, swimming pools, or saunas. So, as a guest in such accommodations you can for example enjoy a glass of something fizzy before swimming in the pool, choose a beautiful and clean outfit (and not just sturdy boots), take a hot tub, and have the lavvy breakfast. Any time you want you can go in your pod or cabin, relax on the cozy sheets and gamble, bet at IviBet on your favorite football team, or watch films. Some top-notch resorts provide hotel-like luxury setups which make the experience of camping unusual with amenities for the glamourous vacation.


But how is it then possible that hotel-like glamping in a comfortable pod with a hotel-like interior still enables tourists to reconnect with nature? Well, the glamping resorts are locally sourced and are immersed in the great outdoors (nature parks, deserts, etc.) For example, one of the most famous glamping resorts in the world, Singita Mara River Tented Camp is situated on the territory of Serengeti Game Reserve in Tanzania. Very often locations of glamping accommodations are wilderness and even accessible only by boat or seaplane. And you can escape from everyday routine without sacrificing an ounce of comfort and always relax in bed if you are tired after hiking, swimming, or enjoying local sights.

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If you ask yourself whether the family glamping experience is possible or not, the answer is “Yes!” There are glamping accommodations that are perfectly suitable for families and couples, and many of them are also pet-friendly. Moreover, the experience of wild camping always has some rough edges, and many people, for example, children and grandparents are way too sensitive to them: they need comfort and are too stressed by hassle. Having the accommodation ready for you saves a lot of time and makes the whole experience less stressful.


You and your family members won’t need to spend time trying to put up the tent or cook meals but enjoy the benefits of nature and relax by a campfire instead. The price and comfort level of glamping accommodations vary greatly, and it is possible to find a pod, tipi, or tent for every budget. Glamping is a good choice for people who are drawn by the idea of camping but don’t like the potential discomfort of it and is therefore the perfect mix of both worlds. So, stop wondering what modern glamping looks like and plan your next glamping vacation!



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