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How to Make Your WordPress Website Secure?

If WordPress is against other websites, it is the most recognized CMS (Content Management System) and powers. And it is 50% more than the other websites. Yet, the emerging demand for WordPress Websites is the focus of the hacker. And they have started targeting WordPress Websites.

Like any other technology, you are required to have a check on the website’s security. It does not concern with which type of content you are providing on your website. There is no exception. If you are not involved, then the time has come to be concerned. It’s time to take measures to save your websites from hackers.

In this tutorial, ghostwriting services will share the best tips on how to make the WordPress Website secure.

Select a Good Hosting Company:

The easiest way to make your site more secure is to get a hosting provider that can give you many layers of security.

When you see the pricing plans of any hosting security, there would be tempting that you go for the cheap host provider. The reason could be anything. Yet, at the start of this road, you may seem smooth and reasonable. Yet I guarantee you that this road can lead to a nightmare in the end. Like your website, data can be erased, and your site URL can start to redirect somewhere else.

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Paying extra for your WordPress Website to a quality hosting company means that you put in an extra layer of security. These layers are attributing to the website. Besides this, using good WordPress Hosting to your website means that you enhance your WordPress Website speed.

While there are many hosting companies, but the best one is WPEngine. They provide several security features, including:

  • Daily malware scans and access to the support staff 24/7, 365 days of a year.

Moreover, the best part over here is that their prices are pretty reasonable.

Do not Use Nulled Themes:

Compared to free themes, WordPress premium themes are more professional in looks. And they have pretty more customizable options. Yet, one can argue that these premium themes can be very expensive.

Believe me or not! Developers code these premium themes with high skills. And these themes are tested to pass various WordPress checks corrects out of the box.

There is no restriction when you customize the theme, and you have full support. Suppose anything down goes wrong with the website. Moreover, many of you will get a regular update on themes.

But, there is a selected website that gives you cracked or nulled themes. A cracked or nulled theme is hacked versions of the premium themes available through illegal means.

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These can prove to be quite dangerous to your website. These themes have hidden malicious codes that can destroy the database and website or log your admin credentials.

Yet, saving some extra bucks can be tempting, but you should avoid any nulled theme if you listen to me.

Install a WordPress Security Plugin:

It can be pretty time-consuming work if you are checking your website for any malware. And if you are not updating the coding knowledge that you practice. You are not aware that you will be looking at the piece of malware written in the code.

Luckily there are individuals in this world who have realized that not every individual is a developer. And they have put on the WordPress security plugins for your help. A security plugin:

  • Takes care of the website security.
  • Scans for malware.
  • Check the website 24/7 to check whatever is happening to your website daily.

The best WordPress security plugin is They offer:

  • Security activity auditing.
  • File integrity monitoring.
  • Remote malware scanning.
  • Blacklist monitoring.
  • Effective security hardening.
  • Post-hack security actions.
  • Security notifications.
  • And if you have their premium account, then even website firewall.

Use a Strong Password:

Passwords are an essential part of site security. And unfortunately, they are at the time overlooked. If you are using a plain and simple password, you have to change it now. If it is easy for you to remember, consider that it is also easy to guess.

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A user who has advanced command can crack your password and get in. It is essential to use a complex password that contains:

  • Numbers.
  • Nonsensical Letter Combinations
  • Special character.

Disable File Editing:

When you are setting your WordPress Website, you will find code editor functions in your dashboard that easily edit your plugins and themes. It can be accessed by clicking on Appearance>Editor. There is another way to find the plugin editor is by clicking on Plugins>Editors.

Once your site is gone live, it is recommended that you disable this feature. If any hacker gets access to your WordPress Website admin panel, they can inject subtle, malicious codes into your plugin and theme. There will be times when the code is so subtle that you cannot notice anything amiss until it is pretty late.

Install SSL Certificate:

These days SSL (Single Socket Layer) is quite beneficial for any website. In the starting, SSL was required to make a website secure for particular transactions, such as process payment.

Today, Google has recognized SSL importance. It gives websites with an SSL certificate a more weighted place inside their search results. SSL is essential for all those websites that deal with sensitive data such as credit card details or passwords. Suppose there is no SSL certificate. The entire data between the user web browser and the web server are delivered in plain text. And the worse point over here is that it is readable by hackers.

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Using an SSL encrypts essential information before it is sent between their browser and your server. Henceforth, this encryption makes it more difficult to read and increases your site’s security.

The average SSL pricing for websites that accept sensitive information is roughly $70-$199 per year. You don’t need to pay for an SSL certificate if you don’t accept any sensitive data.


One of the essential aspects of a WordPress Website is its security. Hackers can attack your site if you don’t keep your WordPress security up to date. Maintaining the security of your website is straightforward and may be done for fre WordPress Website

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