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Know Here The Science & Benefits Of Vipassana Meditation

When it comes to sitting down cross-legged in meditation, you should remember that there are multiple ways to do it. Take for example, Vipassana meditation that includes training your mind through certain rules to increase your awareness and live your life with less worries. Vipassana meditation helps you discipline the mind and focus it on a single point of entry and exit of air through your nostrils. It is why many yoga practitioners search for vipassana meditation centers in India.

You should know that Vipassana has had a long history in India, and goes back as far as the time of Lord Buddha. As of now, this meditation technique is widely practiced in parts of Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia. Do you know the principles that govern the practice of Vipassana meditation? Yoga experts have come up with an answer.

The Principles Behind Vipassana Meditation

As per ancient texts, there are four principles governing the practice of Vipassana meditation.

  • Kayanupassana (Mindfulness of the body)
  • Vedananupassana (Mindfulness of the feelings)
  • Cittanupassana (Continuous observation of your mind)
  • Dhammanupassana (Continuous mindfulness of the mental processes)

Let us now see the science behind Vipassana meditation.

The Science Behind Vipassana Meditation

Vipassana is not just a yogic but also a scientific technique. You train the mind to remain equanimous. This technique requires you to use breath to raise the body sensations. The subconscious mind reacts to every sensation in your body.

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You train the subconscious mind to remain equanimous and aware of every sensation in your body. Whenever a Sankhara comes into your body in the form of sensation, you remain calm. In this way, the Sankhara does not accumulate in your mind.

Moreover, the Sankhara that comes in the form of body sensations get destroyed immediately. In this way, new Sankharas are never formed and the old ones get destroyed one by one. If you want to learn this meditation technique in privacy, you should find a certified personal yoga trainer for Vipassana.

However, that is not all the meditation technique offers you. Let us now find out what more Vipassana meditation does.

Benefits Of Vipassana Meditation

Vipassana meditation helps you bring the ever-active mind under control. But, there is a lot more that Vipassana does.

With that said, given below are five major benefits of learning this meditation style.

1. Equanimity

The first in the line of benefits offered by Vipassana is Equanimity. It refers to having control over your mind and keeping it stable in every situation, whether good or bad. When you start living a life of equanimity, the Sankharas in your subconscious mind get destroyed. To enter this state, you should learn this meditation technique from certified vipassana meditation centers in India.

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2. Improves Focus & Concentration

Lack of focus and concentration on a daily basis has a devastating impact on your life. Whether it is you forgetting a birthday, or not able to focus at the workplace; it is a big problem. Moreover, every type of situation leaves an impact on your subconscious.

Fortunately, with long-term practice of Vipassana, you learn to focus and concentrate. Within 10 days of practice, you start feeling the positive impact of this meditation style.

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3. Relieve Loneliness

Feeling lonely is a major problem in everyone’s life. Unfortunately, the majority of times when someone is alone; most of the times they go back to their past or regret about past mistakes. Fortunately, when you do Vipassana meditation under the guidance of personal yoga trainer it connects you with your spiritual self and get rid of the loneliness.


Vipassana meditation helps you realize that every person on this planet is unique and complete in themselves. You realize that loneliness is just a perspective, it has no relation to your reality.

4. Gives Knowledge Of Right & Wrong

We are all culprits for thinking that each one of us is smart. On the contrary, this is just a trick of your mind. Remember, the mind can easily get you to do what it wants. Vipassana helps you make decisions through intelligence that goes beyond the mind. In the long run, this improves your ability to make the right decisions.

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5. Provides Clarity In Life

Many times, you set big goals for your life only to watch them fall sideways. This is a major problem. However, with vipassana meditation centers in India you develop clarity towards life. Moreover, you go into the depths of everything and understand the good and bad impacts of your life.


Although an ancient yogic technique, Vipassana helps you dive deeper into yourself and bring the ever-racing mind under control. However, you should enroll in certified vipassana meditation centers in India to learn everything about this powerful meditation technique.


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