You look more dignified when wearing a hat that gives a commanding presence besides providing a sophisticated aura that adds more grace and charm to your appearance. The hat style is most important because all hats do not add aura and charm on all kinds of faces unless the hat’s size is proportionate to the face, and you can wear it comfortably.

Regardless of the style of the hat, it should look as if made for you only. It should fit snugly so that it stays in place when the wind blows gently while protecting your face from the glaring sun but never should it make you feel uncomfortable and uneasy. When you have the right kind of hat on your head, it lends charisma and class to everything you wear.

Hats are the most fashionable headwear for both men and women, and many styles and designs of American hats are unisex. Hats are perhaps the most functional and popular piece of apparel that has withstood the test of times for centuries and have maintained their popularity among people of all ages, cutting across gender. Owning a hat makes you proud because you can portray yourself in the most impressive way to stand out from the crowd.

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You might be especially fond of some hat because it creates the most impressive looks and upholds your personality to the hilt. Whether Panama hats or cowboy hats or any other straw hats, these hats are the prized possession that you want to preserve with utmost care so that it retains the original looks for years.

Hats need special care, and you must look after them well just as you do for your leather shoes with periodical polishing. Although hats do not require polishing, even if it is a leather hat, regardless of the material, whether it is straw, suede, or any other fabric, it needs cleaning and conditioning to enhance its longevity, confirms the experts at

Although all hats are not alike, the general maintenance tips are more or less the same.

retaining the good looks

Know how to hold the hat

Most of the damage to hats happens due to inadequate or careless handling, and straw hats are most affected, which loses its appeal too soon. The cardinal rule in handling hats safely is to avoid pinching, which happens when you try to grab the hat by the crown, which is most vulnerable to rough handling. Whenever handling your hat, hold it by the brim and not the crown.

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It is an instinct among people to grab the hat by the crown’s front pinch, which causes maximum damage. Hats have indentation around the front of the crown, which is the most fragile area, and trying to hold on to it too often can result in cracked crowns.  If you are using a Panama hat, the straw will crack when you grab it by the crown, and the felt of a felt hat will wear out due to constant abuse.

Another reason for that damage is leaving it on hat racks, especially the ballpoint pole kind, for an extended period which can damage the crown from inside out. Therefore, proper storage of hat is equally important for its proper maintenance.

Put your hat in a hatbox

The best way to preserve hats is to use an appropriate hat box which ensures safe storage for a long time. The box must be of the right size so that the hat sits in place without any folds and the brim remains protected. The box’s height must not infringe upon the hat, and there must be some space between the top and the hat when places inside the box.

The box material must be opaque and airtight. The straw fibers of the Panama hats get damaged due to exposure to sunlight’s harmful UV rays. It leaves the hat material too much dry and susceptible to cracking.  Never leave your hat on the back of your car near the window that can cause more damage.

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Conditioning and moisturizing

The Toquilla straw used for most Panama hats has many similarities with leather regarding its longevity and flexibility. It can last for an extensively long time only if maintained well. Dry climate affects straw the most, and if you live in a humid area, the problems are less.

In dry regions, hats need frequent conditioning by using a conditioner specifically meant for straw hats. Otherwise, you can use a baby wipe or microfiber cloth to keep the hat material moist, at least for some time. Be careful to avoid over-conditioning the as it might permanently warp.

Avoid wetting your hat

When your straw hat is wet, wipe away the adhering water with the help of a paper towel or a piece of clean and dry cloth.  The best way is to turn out the sweatband and allow it to dry slowly. Avoiding rain showers is the best way to protect the hat from water.

You can also depend on some water repellent treatment to the hat that protects it well.

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