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Simple (But Important) Things To Remember About Bathroom Decor

Your bathroom can be a place to reinvigorate yourself. It can be the space for creative ideas. If you dread entering your antiquated bathroom and wish for a makeover, we’ve compiled a complete list of bathroom decor ideas that are both affordable and simple to implement.

Between online stores and adapting features from some of the other sections of your home, you can transform your bathroom decor.

Don’t live in a place deprived of your personal touch for longer than it takes to change your decor. Here are five simple (but important) things to remember about interior decor for bathrooms.

Make a Shift in Lighting

A lighting update is an essential item you can get for a bathroom renovation. 

On your skin, older lighting fixtures and fluorescent lighting cast unsightly shadows and unflattering tones. If you can’t replace the fixture, you can exchange the light bulbs with modern fluorescent lights that have color warming similar to the light cast on a clear, sunlit day.


For a contemporary look to your bathrooms, you can introduce pendant light fixtures and light strips. They help disperse light more efficiently are the way to go. LEDs are also an option you can explore to make your bathroom more energy efficient.

Using Tiles and Flooring Updates

If you feel fatigued looking at your bathroom tiling, there are two ways you can make a change. The tiling and the flooring. At the same time, you can look into remodeling your kitchen. It might not be feasible in a rented or leased area.

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A proposed alternative can be peel and stick tiles and floorings. For the tiles, you can easily place them over the existing pattern. They can be easily removed when you have to vacate. They offer a lot of exciting options with patterns and colors. 

As for the flooring, removable adhesive vinyl flor planks are an excellent choice for the transformation. Vinyl floor planks are available in a variety of woods. They look realistic enough to fool any cursory glance. Thanks to the vinyl base, they are waterproof and long-lasting. 

Adorning Your Bathroom Walls With Art

A bathroom doesn’t need to be bare and lifeless. You can use canvas art to bring some color and life into your bathroom walls. As they are water-resistant and cost-effective, coated canvas prints are a fantastic choice. 

To obtain a striking visual effect, go for exaggerated proportions. Have a professional printer turn a beloved photograph into bespoke bathroom wall art for a personalized effect. Canvas prints can now be created and laminated for water resistance by specialty printers. 

Consider options other than a canvas print when considering art for your bathroom. A creative and stimulating method to adorn your bathroom walls is with a wall gallery of beloved artifacts such as seashells or vases. You might also consider creating your artwork or buying art from local artists. 

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Using the Right Accessories

You can always improve your bathroom space with a few well-placed accessories. You should consider adding brass accents like a mirror with a bronze frame.  It can instantly elevate the look of your bathroom. 

A small table can be a functional addition to your bathroom as a way to save on precious counter space and a chance to organize your things. It also adds a feeling of extravagance to your bathroom.

An indoor plant is also a gorgeous addition to your bathroom as it can act as a natural air purifier for the space. 

Pendant lighting in the bathroom can make all the difference, whether by updating your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal or by changing your make-up game or selfie lighting. There’s nothing more attractive than a put-together space. 

Choosing the Right Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a terrific way to offer your bathroom a glamorous look full of color and pattern, regardless of whether you select romantic florals, a modern geometric design, or a whimsical toile.

Choose bold botanical prints with leafy greens, sprays of vibrant flowers, and brilliant fruits. You can go for powder room wallpapers with statement colors. This makes the wallpaper appear striking. 

You can choose a sunny and pastoral pattern in soft yellows and citrus colors. Alternatively, select graphical prints of trees and fronds with tones of blue for accents. These make your bathroom feel relaxed.

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An idea that you don’t often see is using wallpaper made of an old encyclopedia. Use pages from your favorite books to make your wallpaper. Choose from floral and zoological sample catalog drawings, poetry pages for elevated restroom reading, or sentimental graphics from your cherished kids’ literature. 

To Conclude 

These budget-friendly bathroom décor ideas will help you alter up the look of your bathroom without breaking the bank. 


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