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Top 10 Rabb.it Alternatives – Amazing Online Streaming Services

Rabb.it Alternatives or Websites like Rabbit.it – Read about the most popular online streaming sites which you can use to watch anything with friends and family from anywhere.


Introduction toRabb.it
Details of Similar Sites
More Information about Rabbit
Top Posts On the Same Topic

Introduction toRabb.it

Rabb.it was a video streaming online site that allows many people to browse and watch together. It becomes very popular and millions of people start using it. There are many features of this type of service. Rabbit provided almost all the important and popular features which someone may want to see.

People were able to create different types of rooms on this site. For example, if you want to watch any video online with friends or family which are very far away from you, Rabbit allows you to create a private room. But if you want to watch anything online with random people, create a public room to allow people to join to watch with you. These rooms were available on the home page of the site to access.

Other important features of this app were audio and video functionality. It means people were able to talk and watch together. The rabbit was the best app create of this type and many other sites are providing these services. People still remember this site and always looking for alternatives to provide some awesome features.

The site was shut down because of a lack of resources. Firstly they were unable to fix some bugs and different problems. People start complaining about it and no one listens to them. As per site owners, they are very limited teams and almost fewer resources. When they were unable to fix it, people start giving negative reviews and also stop using this app forcing them to shut it down permanently.

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Rabbit is no longer available but you can read about some awesome available services. Some of these are providing similar features, few with better options for streaming, and many with most features from Rabbit included. You can think of some other reason why did the rabbit.it shutdown?

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Details of Similar Sites

Rabbit is gone but people are asking common questions like What to use instead of Rabbit.it?

1- Kosmi (Best Rabbit Alternatives)

Kosmi is one of the best Rabb.it Alternatives because it allows creating private and public rooms. Its completely free but you can buy coffee for someone who creates it to appreciate his work. These little donations can help this site running for free to everyone.

Create a virtual chat room in kosmi where you can chat, use the microphone, and a webcam to talk to others. Instant joining using invite URL. Share your browser screen with members of the room which include videos, audio, and more. It provides a chance to watch live videos, audio with everyone in the room. You can just invite your friends and family, share your screen where you are watching anything, simply watch with them when talking or chatting.

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YouTube videos are easy to watch in any room. You can just enter the URL and start playing. One of the world-huge video sites is YouTube where millions of videos are uploaded. This site support that site which means its perfect alternative to the rabbit. Unlimited possibilities are part of this site to watch anything online with others.

Cowatch feature is very important because it allows you to watch videos from your computer. You can use a powerful streaming system to play these videos and share it with others. For example, if you get some funny videos which are nowhere on the internet to be found, this site is very important for you to watch them with friends and family.

Some online games are also available which you can play with others. For example, online shooting arena provides to option to fight with others in a limited place using guns and other weapons. It’s best for you to play this type of games online with others using this site.

2- Watch2gether

The best alternative to Rabbit where a lot of important features are available. You may find some features are common with almost every streaming site. Watch2gether allows you to watch videos in a room with everyone, Share screen for different purposes, chatting is allowed with webcam, and it’s completely free for all.

If you are far away from someone you love, family member, or friend, it’s the best site to shop together on amazon. Browse everything on amazon together, talk, decide what to buy, and much more. It’s like this app provides you with a full-time real shopping experience with someone who is far away.

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Some of the videos are suggested for you to play when you create a room. The process is very simple, just write the name of the room and click on create room. There is no difficult type of process available to create or join any room. Watch videos from popular sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, and others with friends and family.

Watch2gether provides another advantage, if you are a teacher of some kind like sharing your lecture with too many students, this is the best place to begin. Add videos in your room to play and ask everyone to join this room, share using email or social media and people can start listening with one click.

3- Discord

Discord is a huge place and millions of active users are everywhere. The main focus of this site is games but you can watch the video above and learn about the complete process to use it for video sharing. You can create your own room or channel, invite others, and watch them together. Its also a huge social site where you can add people to make your friends, increase the list to spread your network, and more.

It’s not a normal type of site like others which are made for just video streaming. Discord is the world’s best social network and also many communities are created with thousands of people in them. But you can create your own server, invite your friends and family to start watching anything together.

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Most powerful screen share technology is added to this site. You can just go live in any room to share whatever you want with others, screen share, and watch videos or anything together. Its most advanced version of streaming sites which millions of people everywhere available. You can people of any interest on this site.

4- MyCircle.tv

Another site providing powerful features to everyone free. It allows you to upload videos and share them in any room created by you. But video sharing from Vimeo and other popular sites like YouTube is also allowed. Most features are common with other sites that you already read above.

You can read about some important features which are very helpful for you. When you create a room, there are some special options related to it. If you choose a room as private, it will auto-close after you left. But if you create a room and leave, people who are watching something can still continue watching.

MyCircle allows you to come back later and start watching without disturbing others. Best features ever created for any site. It means if you are watching a video with 5 friends and you must leave or internet disconnected, others are still able to continue watching without getting disturbed.

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The room created in the conference room is very important for control over others. No one can play or change video and someone who cerate room is the only controller. But if this mode is disabled, everyone is allowed to change video and more. Its all up to create to decide because if you get too many unknown people, taking control of the room is important. But when watching with friends and family, leave it open for others to decide too.

The playlist is the best feature available on this site which provides you with full options to create a collection. If you watch to show someone a few videos of your choices, making playlist is better then playing random videos. History is also provided for videos that are played. If someone misses any videos, they can just browser in history and watch them later.

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5- Airtime – Watch Together

Airtime provides with best options for everyone to watch videos with friends and family. But one major advantage of this app compare to other sites is the main focus on phones. People can take the phone anywhere and use it at any location where sometimes it is not possible to take computers. The use of apps is better than the use of any browser.

Sharing of a camera is also allowed. Watch videos on the full screen and other people will show up on top of the screen. You can chat, video sharing, and much more when watching your favorite videos. Ten friends are allowed to part of this video chat same time.

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A lot of amazing reactions and stickers are included which you can share when watching videos and chatting. These are the world’s best collection of stickers which can make everyone laugh. Similar to other streaming sites, you can create a private room or party room with everyone welcome to join.

6- Synaptop

Synaptop is different from many other streaming sites, where you can only share videos or screen sharing is allowed. But this site provides you with some other powerful features as you can control other people’s pc if allowed by them. Play games with other together and some features which are similar in all sites are available.

SYNAPTOP GAMES creates a store full of many games. Every day new games are added by developers for you to play. It’s best to place to play games online if you are interested in games and plan to play with someone from your friends or family. The site gives you full control when watching, pause, continue, and play videos from pc or online sites like YouTube.

We suggest everyone who is working on large projects to use this site Because it works on almost every device. Remember, this is not just a simple streaming site like others but providing with options that you can never think are available free.

7- Kast

When Rabbit was completely removed, Kast purchase what was left of it. It means you can find some features from Rabbit as part of this site. It’s a huge place to find many public rooms created to join and watch movies with others when talking to strangers. But creating a private room is also allowed and others can request to join you.

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The main purpose of the site is to create parties that are known as a room in other services. You can create a party, share links from YouTube or other sites, and start watching. Everyone who joins it can easily watch with you when chatting or talking. The invitation option is also really cool to get more people to join your party on kast.

IF you are planning to run some open parties and invite everyone, allow others to join and someone is creating trouble, just block them. Ban options can stop anyone from joining again and disturb others. Kast is the best Rabb.it Alternatives which you can ever find anywhere.

8- Metastream

Metstream is not a different type of site because they provide all features similar to the most streaming site. But their quality of service is better than many sites. The main focus of the site is streaming, unlike few sites which are about sharing screens and more. When you create a room, you are in full control. Options like how many people can join your room, customization, and more are under your control.

A most popular site with too many active users. But privacy is very important on this site and it’s hard to find too many open rooms. The best authentic way to join a session is a link provided by someone who creates any room. Its a completely free project but some people already provide funds for it to make it better.

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When you contribute to them, they unlock some important features for you. All normal services are completely free but there are few cool updated options provided after you donate which makes your experience a lot better.

9- Twoseven

Some cool features of this site are very important for everyone to know. But most of the basic features are similar to other services which you already read above. Unlimited people are allowed to be part of any stream which can create huge parties. There is no limitation like you may face with the Airtime app.

The complete auto sync process is created for Twoseven. There is no need for players to worry about playing videos again and again. Powerful features provide options where you can add unlimited videos in a row to play. Use your webcam to get realtime reactions of your friends and family.

10- Caracal Club

This site is part of those streaming services which are the real best alternative to Rabbit as their services almost are the same. Find open rooms created by different people and it was also part of Rabbit.it too. Create a private room where you can watch anything with people selected by you, mostly your friends and family.

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Caracal Club is not different from any other site. The search bar allows you to find some rooms which are created and opened for everyone in the club. Privacy is very important on this site and they really care about it. Guests are not allowed to create a room but there is no need to create an account to join any room. It’s a major advantage for everyone because normally people don’t like creating accounts everywhere on the internet.

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More Information about Rabbit

What are few More Rabbit Alternatives?

You can check some other alternatives which are also the best online streaming services. Invited, Parsec, Explorii App, Animeparty, and Tutturu.

Some Apps Like Rabbit?

Read the article on FreeAppsforme where they write full details about all possible Rabbit alternatives for Android and iPhone. All of these apps are fully explained with screenshots and videos with a direct link to the play store.

Why Did Rabb it Shut Down?

The rabbit was shut down because of a lack of resources and unable to hire more people to take care of services. Many bugs that people found with time are the main reason everyone starts giving bad reviews about it. But there was no one to solve them properly to make this awesome services continue.

Top Posts On the Same Topic

Tech Century includes 16 alternatives to the rabbit and explains all of them with complete details. Their list is really awesome and worth trying. Twenty alternatives are added on Top Best Alternative which is popular sites to add alternatives for almost everything. As we write before in some other posts, they mostly love to show too much number on-site and focus on mainly quantity not quality.

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Techjunkie becomes very famous with time by writing about tech. Many popular posted are created on their site. Post about Rabbit alternative is really cool and well explained. Beebom provides a list of alternatives with pros and cons which are the best way for everyone to decide easily. The list of Techwiser is almost different from our site post. Many new streaming services are added there which you can explore.

Conclusion for Rabb.it Alternatives

There are some important features provided by these sites. For example, if you are working on a project where you need to work with someone, these sites are best. Every site allowing sharing screen are a great way to work with someone on an online project when talking or chatting. It’s a different feature that is not part of the main purposes of these sites.

There is no site that becomes popular like a rabbit these days. There are many reasons for that like it was less competition when they created a rabbit. You can find too many different apps or sites created these days which are all for the same purpose. No one is able to provide that level of services these days which makes their site more popular than any other site.

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