December 24


Travelling Muay Thai vacation        

Mixed martial arts, kickboxing and related sports have become increasingly popular in recent years and this is even more true where Muay Thai is concerned. Because of this growing popularity many Muay Thai training camps have opened in many places all over the world. All of these endeavor to provide students with a high standard of Muay Thai training. Some are more successful than others but training camps in Thailand are still at the top of people’s lists when it comes to serious Muay Thai training. Because of the popularity of Thailand as a Muay Thai training destination Muay Thai weekend’s and holidays are increasingly popular especially those training camps located on the beaches and islands surrounding Thailand. Bring the family to Thailand on your next vacation and experience the fitness and weight loss benefits of this amazing sport for yourself. Muay Thai is a unique sport that offers extraordinary value to the whole family. Muay Thai program is a good choice for your vacation.


Accredited training camps

Muay Thai is big business and the industry is growing with leaps and bounds and when something is so valuable there will always be people who will try to benefit even through they are not legitimate Muay Thai businesses with properly certified trainers. Such training will be of little or no value. Such places are best avoided but fortunately there are a lot of information available online which can really help people to make a well informed decision regarding the Muay Thai training camp which will be the best possible fit for them at their current level of competence as far as Muay Thai is concerned. Do not allow people to deceive you always make doubly certain of your facts before making a commitment to join a specific training camp. People who have previously spent time in Thailand and who have immersed themselves in the traditions and culture of this country will be in the perfect position to make a well informed decision.

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Where it all started

Muay Thai at Suwit Muay Thai has developed over many centuries from the time of king Naresuan who used his own form of Muay Thai to defeat his enemies. His brave actions became legendary and his particular brand of Muay Thai became popular among his followers . Even so Muay Thai went through some changes and it adopted some boxing concepts such as replacing rope covered fists for fists covered in gloves. Just like with boxing a set of rules was adopted which effectively regulates the sport. What many people don’t know is that there are still many Muay Boran practioners in Thailand that cling to the old ways. There are many of the old rituals which are still practiced by fighter’s competing in fights today. This is why the he addresses is worn and many fighters still honor their trainers with a ritual known as Wai Kru. This is a sport that continues to astound people because there are so much symbolism, honor and respect for the old ways.


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