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What Are The Common Myths About Washing Your Hair

You may have come across different explanations related to the washing of hair. Some suggest that you can wash your hair daily while others have some different views on this. Whatever you have come across about the same, one of the facts is that washing the shampoo daily with the perfect shampoo does not cause any hair loss. It is believed that it keeps the hair clean by removing the product, oil, and pollutants, or any other kind of build-up that promotes a healthy scalp. 

Similar to the face area, the scalp also produces oil and keeps the skin moisturized if it is in an accurate quantity. It also promotes a healthy shine and soft hair surface. The excess of it is another reason for getting dandruff. 


Here you will get to know about the common myths related to the washing of hair and the truth behind it. 


 Cold water give shine to hair


Rinsing with cold water can be energizing, but it is a myth that it gives shine to the hair. This process does not close the hair cuticle as well but is done by the conditioner instead. You may be surprised to know that cold rinsing of hair can be inferior to your hair. Why so? This is because the cold water tightens the blood capillaries in the scalp which is responsible for carrying the needed nutrients for hair growth to each follicle.

hair wash

Hair get cleaned by itself if don’t washed


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This is not true! If you don’t wash your hair regularly, the dust, dirt, and oils from sebaceous glands which are attached to the hair follicle will cover the hair. You can use a scalp massage brush to thoroughly wash your hair.


Shampoo stop functioning after some time


This is a totally baseless myth! Hair doesn’t get used to any product and if you witness the lack of results with a particular shampoo, there is the possibility that the condition and requirements of hair get changed. This can happen if you have trimmed, colored, straightened, or grown them longer that has to lead to a reduction of the shampoo effect. Another reason can be a change in the season which alters the needs of hair. Sickness or hormone alterations can also be the reason for the change in the condition and advent of hair. The use of shampoo on the same hair under the same situations delivers similar results.


Recurring hair wash plunder the hair oil


Again, this is not true! The sebum, a natural oil produced by the sebaceous glands is generated on the scalp and gets connected to each hair follicle. When you wash the hair, the build-up of oil gets cleaned and stops your strands from giving a shuffling, greasy, and smelly look. There will be secretion of fresh oil which keeps your hair resilient and soft.


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Persistent hair shampoo make hair dry


Not really! Frequent washing does not cause hair loss but keeps them soft and springy instead. This is because the water is responsible for hydration and not oil. Using the correct shampoo for your hair type should drain the water along with cleansing. If you feel any dryness in hair after the wash or heat-styling, the excessive use of a hairdryer can be the reason and not the shampoo. 


Frequent hair wash make it oily or fall out


The opposite of this is true! The oil glands which are affixed to the hair follicles continuously generate oils covering your hair. When you go for frequent washing, the oil and build-up get removed from the hair. Moreover, frequent washing prevents extreme build-up, dirt, and dust collection to the hair.

Talking about the fallout, it is again false. A person loses around 100 hairs per day on average. Doing shampoo displaces the hair that has been separated from the follicles and is already in the place to come out.


When you don’t shampoo your hair, such types of tresses remain loose in the hair follicle and washing makes them come out. The more delay you make in washing, there will be more strands. The amount will not be much in case of frequent washing. Do you know that frequent washing promotes healthy hair by reviving the scalp for the healthy growth of hair. Healthy hair allows you to get any hair style with ease. You can use hair claw clips for thick hair, scrunchies, and other accessories to get a stylish look. 

Acidic rinsing promote the hair shine

If you consider the previous time, it was true. But not in the current era! When the shampoos did not exist, soaps were used to wash the hair. Being the only option, it used to make the hair’s cuticle dull by coating a layer of alkaline on the hair. Washing the hair from lemon or vinegar tends to counterbalance this deposit and gives shine to hair. The shampoos that we use today do not create that alkaline layer, thus no need for an acid wash is required. Your regular shampoo can perfectly do the job. 


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