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Why Folding Knives are More Popular Than Fixed Blade Knives?

There are all sorts of tools out there that are designated for specific kinds of tasks. Read why Folding Knives are better then all others.


There are all sorts of tools out there that are designated for specific kinds of tasks. Depending on how you want to use them, they will all have different features to offer. When it comes to knives, the functionalities vary all the time as they are such diverse tools.

But knives are also so diverse that they can utilize them in several ways for each person. If you are a knife lover, you probably know the different ways they can serve you. As for the question, are folding knives more popular than fixed blade knives? They each have their merits. You can easily learn about throwing knives for beginners online.

Features-wise, of course, there are different things that each blade can do for you. It is up to you to decide which one you need to choose and why. But it would be helpful to see how these knives vary from each other in functionality. In a basic definition, you can understand that fixed blade knives are sturdier and more robust.

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They have their blades firmly embedded into the handles, so they don’t move. As for folding knives, as the name suggests, the blade is movable and folds into its handle. They are generally more flexible and handy when it comes to portability. 

The Advantages Of Fixed Knives 

One of the best things about fixed blade knives is that they can use them in many ways. They have set features that make them more ideal as tools. It would depend on your usage, but there are some upsides to using fixed blade knives. 


The first thing is the size of fixed blade knives that you can get in the market. They are generally found in larger sizes with broader and lengthier blades. An average fixed blade knife will measure somewhere between 7 to 15 inches wide. They are larger, but that also means that they have more force to offer. 


When it comes to knives, one thing you want is longevity. They need to work for as long as possible, so you don’t have to replace them all the time. All fixed blades are made with the strongest metals and are often rust-free and durable. You can use the same kind of knife for ages before you’d have to replace them. They can endure repetitive use and can be used with force as well. 

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More Cutting Power

As it might be evident, the strong blades and the fixed features make these knives useful for cutting. They can cut a variety of materials, both hard and soft, without showing any resistance. You can use them for more rigid materials like meat, wood, and plastics if you apply force.

They are equally suitable for cutting ropes, tearing cloth, and cutting vegetables. So you can use them for different cutting and chopping tasks without issue. 

Blade Design 

You can also get a hoard of different blade varieties in fixed blade knives. As they have more giant blades, they also have different shapes and appearances. For example, a fixed blade knife can be serrated for cutting wood and ropes.

It can also be sleek and sharp like a sword to slice through things. In some cases, it can have added designs for aiding in other outdoor activities. You will find so much design variety in the blade shape so that it can help you in multiple ways. 

Notable Fix Blade Knives You Can Get 

The stretch of good fixed blades goes far and wide as far as features are concerned. Since they are sturdy, they will outlast many of your other tools. There are enough reasons to invest in a fixed blade, whether for usage or admiration. 

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Workable Knives For Basic Tasks

When you look at knives that can make your life easier, many fixed blades come to mind. Each of them has a specific kind of function that they can perform for you every day. 

If you are looking for a good chef’s knife, you need a sharp blade that can always be in use. A kitchen knife is capable of butchering meat, cutting vegetables, and other foods. They can be utilized in all the cooking techniques for crushing, chopping, dicing, and slicing.

Another form of the fixed blade known as a machete is a large chopping knife. It usually measures somewhere around 8-12 inches and sometimes more. Machetes are routinely utilized in farming and agriculture as they are suitable for rough use.

They work well for sowing seeds, harvesting crops, and chopping hay. They are instrumental in tropical areas where severe food like Taro and coconut is grown.

Another important activity that can benefit from fixed blades is hunting and survival training. Since they have robust blades, they can be utilized in many ways without wear and tear. In hunting, fixed blade knives can be used for skinning animals, butchering, gutting, and cleaning. If you have the right fixed blade with you, you can do all the messy, bloody work without issue. 

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Similarly, in survival training, you need robust knives that can get you through tough times. You often have to brave the harsh weather and severe living conditions in survival training. A large fixed blade knife can help you chop firewood to keep warm, make shelters from scratch, and source food. You can also use them to clear your path in the wilderness and fend off wild animals.  

Collectible Knives For Show 

After all the utility knives, there are also plenty of cool knives that are very popular. Of course, swords and daggers are also considered fixed blade knives, and they are good ones too. They might not be of much use, but they are treasured collectibles that people love to buy. They serve as heirlooms, decoration pieces, and trophies for blade enthusiasts. You can find many decorated swords, canes, and daggers that are excellent for the showcase. 

Buying Top Fixed Blade Knives Online

As a knife enthusiast, you have plenty of reasons to buy excellent knives. But one thing that might hold you back is the prices that you have to deal with. That’s why one way to buy the best knives you can find is to buy them online.

If you go to the Knife Import online store, you will find many wholesale knives in bulk. They will cost you less money and will ensure quality as well as you can choose from an extensive collection. Hope you love reading “Folding Knives”

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