February 15


Windows 11 Pros and Cons: Is It Worth Upgrading?

Have you been thinking about upgrading your PC to the latest Windows 11 OS, but you still haven’t made up your mind? Well, whether you use your computer strictly for work, or it’s just for playing online casino Canada games and browsing the internet (hey cat videos!), it’s best to understand what Windows 11 is all about before making your final decision.

Months before Windows 11 was officially released, a lot had been said, and the tech world was eagerly waiting for Microsoft’s latest upgrade yet to its popular OS. Putting aside the speculation, here’s a look at whether it’s worth pressing the upgrade button or not.

Windows 11 Pros

Let’s get off to a positive start by unboxing what you stand to gain should you decide to make the move to the newest version of Windows:

→    Fantastic User Interface

First impressions matter a lot, and this time, Microsoft nailed it. The first thing you’ll notice about the new Windows 11 is its crisp and striking visuals. The start menu has been reorganized to showcase more apps for your picking at a go, and the taskbar has also slightly changed – it is now more centrally positioned, giving it a better look. There’s no doubt that you’ll fall in love with Windows 11 at first sight. It’s a beauty to look at, and it feels a lot more user-friendly than ever before when it comes to navigation and switching between applications.

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→    Enhanced Features for a Hybrid Lifestyle

Do you work in the comfort of your home but have really been struggling to find the proper balance to do so with your current Windows OS? If so, you’ll be happy to know that Windows 11 will lift that burden for you. The new OS comes with several improved features that will enable you to multitask seamlessly.

For instance, it comes with a new Snap layout that enables you to efficiently work through many windows without feeling as burdensome as it felt under the previous versions of Windows. Likewise, the Snap windows feature also allows you to resize and re-arrange windows on your screen for more effortless multitasking.

Windows 11 also has a feature to quickly and easily launch your team chats and meetings with a single touch to optimize your hybrid lifestyle experience. You are therefore guaranteed comfort amid the hustle and bustle of multitasking in the work-at-home environment.

→    Better, More Advanced Security

Whether you use your PC for gaming or generating work reports, or merely for Netflix, your security is probably top on the list of your consideration. On top of previous Microsoft top-notch security features like Isolation, Malware Prevention and Encryption, Windows 11 features extra layers of protection.

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For starters, Windows 11 comes retrofitted with chip and cloud-level security that reinforces the safety of your backed-up files. It also features secure TPM (Trusted Platform Module), a leading-edge cryptographic module that beefs up your laptop security. And to top off the impressive range of security features, Microsoft placed a feature that ensures your authentication credentials are up to date. So, as you can see, with Windows 11, Microsoft has truly outdone itself security-wise.

→    Android Apps Easily Accessible on Your Desktop

The days of using emulators may well and truly be behind us. Well, sort of, but best believe this is a good start. You can easily get most of your favourite Android apps on Windows 11. For now, though, you can only get them via the Amazon App Store and not on Google Play. Hopefully, future versions will be considerate enough to work with Google Play for easier availability of the Android apps.

The Downsides of Windows 11

As you might have guessed, things are not all rosy with Windows 11. Some of the concerns you may face with the latest Windows version include:

→    Where’s Our Dear Cortana?

If you are used to hearing from Cortana, you’ll be shocked not to see her chilling in the taskbar as she used to in Windows 10. For many users, Cortana has been super helpful in managing calendars, setting reminders, finding definitions, and so much more. No need for alarm though, they didn’t kill her off. Cortana is just not considered a central feature in Windows 11, and so you need to search for her first to start using her.

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→    Your Computer May Not Be Compatible with Windows 11

The daunting possibility of missing out on new and exciting features sucks. Yet that is what you are faced with should your PC not meet the following requirements:

  1. It must support a secure bot
  2. It must have a TPM of 2.0
  3. At least 4GB RAM
  4. At least 64 GB storage space.

Not sure if your PC meets all these requirements? Well, there is a PC Health Check App conveniently placed in your computer that tells you whether your PC is Windows 11 ready.

Pass or Upgrade?

The simple answer to this is that now would be a good time. The features are simply too good to be left behind. Windows 11 is the future. Do not be left behind: hit that upgrade button today if your PC meets the hardware requirements!


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