From the largest corporations to the small mom-and-pop shops in rural areas, employees make up the backbone of capitalism. For their hard work and dedication, employees deserve a little positive recognition from the higher-ups. If you’re a manager or CEO, some of these suggestions might be the key to recognizing employee achievement.

Small, Simple Gestures

From giving sincere compliments when you notice someone doing something uniquely good to the classic thank-you-card, sometimes all a person needs is some kindness to show they’ve been seen for their hard work and acknowledged.


1.  Award Certificates or Gift Cards


While kind words are good, sometimes something a little more substantial is needed to boost morale. Good employee awards are a nice way to put on display someone’s hard work. If that seems a little grade-school, try a gift card. Cash bonuses can come with tax or contract issues, so a store-based gift card is both cost-efficient and useful enough to make a difference.

2. Longer Paid Breaks or Even Power Naps


Exhaustion is the leading cause of diminished productivity and low employee morale. Having a break room with a comfortable place to rest for 20 minutes is a great way to give your workers a jolt of energy. This is especially true if they don’t have valuable paid time taken away from them, as many would opt to skip it and deal with the exhaustion. Running your employees ragged is a sure way to lose them.

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3. Take Staff Out for a Meal


It doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy, but supporting local businesses by taking your people out for a relaxed lunch hour might be just the pick-me-up they need. Whether it’s a sandwich shop, buffet, or pizza parlor, many places are group-oriented and easily accessible for a staff lunch.

4. Random Surprises


Whether it’s a shortened day right before the weekend, a Monday off after a big project ends, or a basket of goodies left on their desks, employees will remember just how appreciative your company is of them.

5. A Company “Town Hall” Meeting


Allowing your employees to speak freely in a group setting without risk of penalty is one way to show you care about their opinions and hard work. Take ideas from everyone involved with the company and try to improve. Remember to keep an unbiased and professional stance during this, as no company is perfect.

6. Birthday Vacations


Giving your employees a paid day off on their birthday (or an extra weekend day if it’s a weekend birthday that year) is a great way to recognize their hard work. Studies have shown that this is one of the most popular ideas that employees love.

7. Support Their Commutes


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If you value your employees, not only will you assure their parking is free when they’re at work, but you’ll assist in their commutes. No one wants a chunk of their paycheck going solely to gas in their work vehicles, so having a commuting benefit for the amount of time they spend coming and going to work each day will make it less of a chore to dread.

8. Company Holidays


Whether it’s an open bar at a big Christmas party or a paid spa day, employees will feel company appreciation when being pampered or paid to have fun. As a result, employees will thrive when they view their workplace as a good place to be.

9. Give Newbies a Mentor


Nothing is more nerve-wracking than being hired and tossed into training then let loose in the field without any help. However, giving new hires a mentor for a week or two can benefit both parties; the newcomer will feel cared for, and the mentor may feel special. They don’t even have to be in the same area of expertise; just having a mentor who’s been at the company for a while and knows the ropes can make a newcomer fall into a comfortable routine.

10. Ask What Your Employees Want


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It may seem obvious, but it’s often overlooked! Simply asking what kinds of benefits or appreciation your employees might want to see will give you insight into their needs. If an open discussion isn’t what you want, having options they can choose from or vote on is another way to keep it within what you’re feasibly able to do.

Show You Care


It doesn’t have to put your budget in the red! But, hopefully, some of these suggestions can aid in your company’s efforts to offer appreciation and recognition to your hard-working employees.



Author name– Zoya Maryam


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