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5 Easy Tips for Matching Colors in Your Outfit

Matching clothes not only make you look nice but also boosts your confidence. When you wear a matching outfit, you’ll feel great. However, if you randomly pick clothes and wear you might end up not feeling great about your looks. The main aim of wearing matching clothes is to feel confident and look good, not necessarily to fit in fashion trends.

Matching colors in your outfit will reduce clutter and save more money as you will buy the outfits you need. In this guide, you’ll find all the best ways to mix and match colors in your outfit.

Monochromatic or tonal outfit

A monochromatic outfit is also known as tonal dressing. It includes wearing different shades of the same color.

Wearing various patterns and textures makes a tonal outfit look fascinating. By using different patterns and textures, your outfit will have more depth and contrast. Monochromatic colors vary in saturation and brightness.

Creating Contrast

Creating contrast from top to bottom ensures you look fanciful. You can add contrast in two ways.

Pop of color

The colors can clash if you do not consider the other colors you wear. To avoid the color clashing, add a pop of color. It will make the outfit look great.

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Complimentary colors

This includes colors that are opposite each other in a wheel. You can add contrast to an outfit by using complementary colors. The colors should not only be bold, but you can mix and match saturation and brightness.

Match metals and leather

Most people go overboard when matching metal accessories and matching leather. These two items are common on wallets, jackets, watches, and belts. Matching metals and leathers will make your overall outfit look good.

If you’re wearing leather outfits, consider matching them, for instance, brown leather shoes and a brown belt. This applies to accessories and jewelry, for example, matching a brown ring and a brown watch. If you are wearing a golden watch, opt for a silver belt buckle.

Wearing Neutral Colors

Neutral colors include gray, black, olive, beige, navy, white, and olive. Neutral colors make it easy to match clothes. Neutral colors are suitable for any body type or skin tone. You can build a flexible and lasting wardrobe through these color patterns. The other reason they are a perfect choice and the colors don’t clash.

The colors pair well, and you’ll be confident your outfit looks incredible.

Neutral colors match with almost every other color. Neutral colors can be grey, navy, black, olive or brown. You can match neutral colors with a bolder pop of color in outfits such as a jacket, pants, and shirt. Explore online stores for brands like ruby rd to pick the best outfits in neutral colors.

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Use a color wheel

The simplest way to match clothes is to use the color wheel to get ideas. When using a color wheel, consider the complementary colors which match well. Consider also the primary color, which includes yellow, blue, and red. All other colors are a result of the combination of the primary colors.

Primary colors can be used to achieve a monochrome look; this means using only a single color in the entire outfit. Using one color streamlines and lengthens the body. You can also mix primary colors to achieve a bolder look. Use complementary colors, which include purple and yellow, orange and blue, green and red. Complimentary colors are positioned opposite to each other on a wheel. The colors can contrast and therefore making a perfect combination.

Analogous colors are easier to combine, unlike complementary colors. You will pick a color on the wheel and choose any color on the opposite side of the original, and you will find a match. Analogous colors comprise two to three different but neighboring hues.

Analogous colors are placed next to each other on the wheel and are similar to each other- for example, red, orange, and red-orange. The color schemes are close to each other; this includes red-violet, yellow-green, red, and green. You can mix and match or use the same brightness and saturation.

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Bottom Line

With the above guidelines, you can now match colors in your outfit. If you do not have an idea of what to wear, consider neutral colors and contrast. This is the best way to make sure you look good and feel more confident.

Author name– Zoya Maryam



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