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9 Advantages of MSME Registration for Your Company

MSME Registration is an online process that simplifies the process of obtaining expert help. The following are the nine main MSME advantages or perks of obtaining MSME registration for your company.

In our last article, we discussed the procedure and other details of obtaining MSME registration, as well as why we need micro, small, and medium enterprises for our economy’s and growth’s sake. This article lists the top nine benefits of MSME registration that can be gained with the award of MSME registration. These advantages include both monetary and non-monetary advantages in the areas of commerce and entrepreneurship.

Let’s look at the nine most significant benefits of MSME registration. MSME registration has many advantages that can help you establish, improve, and build effective business models for your company.

  • Prioritized lending:

Our first MSME benefit is priority credit. Whether you run a cutting-edge technology firm or a masala packing firm that employs rural women, your company will need credit and loans for long- and short-term financing. Banks are required by Reserve Bank of India directives to pay specific amounts of money to MSME firms on a regular basis. You can apply for this finance more quickly and with fewer issues if you have an MSME certificate.

  • Better loan availability and access, as well as lower interest rates:
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If collateral security (any property or cash pledged as a security against a loan) is not supplied, many business owners may find it difficult to acquire a loan to establish their company. However, with MSME registration, all banks are required to give loans at lower interest rates than usual, and one may be able to take advantage of this benefit from a variety of financial institutions for their financing needs.

  • Exemption from paying federal income taxes: 

If this certificate is not received, there are several MSME registration benefits that can save thousands of dollars in tax burden. Businesses can benefit from a presumed taxation basis, which relieves them of the stress of maintaining accurate books of accounts and conducting audits.

  • Program of Credit-Linked Guarantees:

The Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and the Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) established the Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for Micro and Small Firms (CGTMSE) to implement the Credit Guarantee Fund Scheme for micro and small businesses. Individual MSMEs can borrow up to 50 lakhs under this scheme without putting up any security.

  • Market support and export promotion funded by the government:

A multitude of international exchange programmes, craft fairs, exhibitions, and trade-related events are hosted by the Indian government. You have access to all of these channels for international trade cooperation and the establishment of new business contacts if you are classed as a micro, small, or medium business. The government uses subsidies, tax exemptions, and technical help to encourage MSMEs to export goods and services.

  • Capital for infrastructure development and other grants:
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The government also recognises training areas for MSME and gives capital grants for infrastructure improvements and entrepreneurial development because MSMEs are a sector that creates jobs and encourages entrepreneurial endeavours. 

  • Reimbursement for ISO Certification:

To encourage the standards and certifications attained by MSMEs in order to improve their performance across sectors, all registered micro and small industries can receive a cost waiver for obtaining ISO 9000, ISO 14001, and HACCP certifications.

  • Purchases tailored specifically for you, as well as protection against the competition:

As part of the MSME Market Development Assistance Scheme, the Central Government maintains a Price and Purchase Preference Policy. There are over 358 items on the list that the Central Government can only purchase from small, medium, and micro firms.

  • Technology and quality improvement assistance for MSMEs: 

To improve cost-effectiveness and promote clean energy use in manufacturing, the government reimburses project costs toward these goals for MSME sector units, as well as expenditures for the implementation of clean technology, the preparation of audit reports, and subsidies for licencing products according to national and international standards.

MSME Online Application

On the other side, the MSME registration procedure offers a number of monetary and non-monetary incentives and perks. The benefits of MSME registration are tied to a company’s entrepreneurial and trade development. If you want to benefit from MSME registration for your micro, small, or medium business, you should do so right now.

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