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Beginner’s Guide to Shipping E-Commerce Products

If you own a company that specializes in selling products online, the approach that you take to shipping these products is of the utmost importance. In recent years, surveys have shown that people expect for the products that they order to be shipped fast and as close to free as they can get.

If you don’t feel as though your company is shipping e-commerce products as efficiently as it could be right now, you should do something to change that. In fact, you should seriously consider making some sweeping changes to ensure that your customers are satisfied with your e-commerce shipping policies.

Fortunately, there are e-commerce shipping solutions that you can put into place to improve your company’s shipping strategy as a whole. We’re going to talk about them today in the guide to shipping e-commerce products that we’ve put together below.

Here is how to ship e-commerce products and keep your customers happy at the same time.

Put Together a Team That Is Dedicated to Shipping E-Commerce Products

When you first open up an e-commerce business, you might be able to get away with handling a lot of your shipping needs yourself. You might also be able to get away with having employees from other departments step in to help with shipping e-commerce products as necessary.

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But as your e-commerce business grows, this isn’t going to be an option anymore. You’ll need to have a dedicated team that spends just about all of its time shipping e-commerce products.

If you haven’t done it already, begin piecing together this kind of team for your e-commerce business. This team should have employees on it who are:

  • Organized
  • Hard-working
  • Timely
  • Smart
  • Creative

It’ll make all the difference in the world when it comes to meeting your customers’ lofty demands.

Provide Your E-Commerce Shipping Team With the Necessary Supplies

In addition to putting together a dedicated e-commerce shipping team, you should also invest in the necessary shipping supplies for your e-commerce business. Some of the supplies that they’ll need will include:

  • Heavy-duty shipping boxes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing tape
  • Utility knives
  • Labels

All of your various shipping supplies should be organized so that your employees don’t have any issues finding them and putting them to good use. It’ll prevent unnecessary delays from popping up due to issues with your shipping supplies.

Create a System for Retrieving E-Commerce Products and Packaging Them

Your e-commerce shipping team is going to spend their fair share of time packaging up products before shipping them out. But they’re also going to spend a lot of time running around trying to retrieve the items that need to be shipped.

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It’s why you’re going to have to come up with a foolproof system that will allow them to retrieve items fast so that they can be packaged and shipped. This might involve breaking your team up into two groups, including one that retrieves items and another that gets them ready to be shipped.

Your e-commerce shipping team isn’t going to be very efficient if they’re always wandering off to try to find products as opposed to spending time packaging these products up. The system that you create for them should solve this problem and keep your team firing on all cylinders.

Decide Which E-Commerce Shipping Options Your Company Will Offer to Customers

How many e-commerce shipping options are you going to offer to your customers? This is a question that you’ll want to think long and hard about when you’re aiming to improve your e-commerce shipping strategy.

On the one hand, you do want to give your customers some options as far as how fast they would like you to ship products to them. At the same time, you don’t want to give them so many e-commerce shipping options that it creates confusion among your employees.

Your goal should be to offer two or three shipping options that vary as far as price is concerned. It’ll give your customers choices without overwhelming your e-commerce shipping team.

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Emphasize the Importance of Shipping E-Commerce Products to Your Employees

From the second that someone starts working with your company on your e-commerce shipping team, you should stress the importance of their job to them. You should let your team members know, in no uncertain terms, that they are the backbone of your operation and that you’re counting on them.

You should also provide your employees with competitive pay and other benefits. It’ll provide them with all the motivation that they’ll need to take your e-commerce shipping solutions and put them into practice at all times.

Consider Calling On an E-Commerce Shipping Consulting Company to Help

If you try everything that we’ve talked about here and don’t feel as though it makes a big difference in your company’s approach to shipping e-commerce products, you might need some help from the professionals. An e-commerce shipping consulting company can step in and lend a hand to you.

This company will evaluate your current e-commerce shipping solutions and suggest making adjustments to them. They’ll also let you know if you could potentially benefit from working with shipping partners for e-commerce.

Keep an open mind if you go through this process. You could learn some things about how to go about shipping e-commerce products more efficiently from now on.

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The Way That Your Company Ships E-Commerce Products Could Make or Break It

If your company gets a reputation for shipping e-commerce products late or for shipping them carelessly, it could cause big issues. Your company could be doomed if you don’t do something about this.

Use the guide that we’ve provided for you here to start shipping e-commerce products more efficiently than you are now. It’ll help to improve the perception of your company, and it’ll show your customers that you truly care about them.

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