July 9


Ideas for refreshing your home office

One of the most interesting news that has appeared in the last year is certainly the breaking down of the “border” between home and work and more and more people have invested resources to carve out a practical and comfortable office corner. Thanks to new technologies and opportunities available online, such as HP coupons, offers and promotions on PCs, Tablets and Hi-Tech devices, performance is certainly guaranteed! But to work in harmony and with punctuality you also need a touch of creativity, and the personalization of a very important space such as the home office.

Here are 5 ideas from which to take inspiration and take advantage of the arrival of spring, an excellent opportunity to renovate, enrich and transform the workstation and make it so pleasant that you will also want to do … overtime!

1 – Be Unique .

If smart working has caught you off guard, don’t worry: once you have removed your PC and tablet from the kitchen, from the living room or (even worse!) From the bedroom you can start “work”. The important thing is to obtain an exclusive space that serves only for work, without intrusions of any kind. Whatever the assigned task is, creativity and your own style must never be lacking and the appropriate thing to do is to shape the home office according to your own inclinations : chic or retro, vintage or urban furniture and accessories it does not matter, it is essential to feel comfortable. at ease. Only in this way will productivity be at its peak, and of course the mood too!

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2 – Light, air and lots of green.

Remaining connected to open spaces: it may seem counterintuitive, but instead it is a choice that will favor concentration, well-being and positive performance. Being in front of a screen for many hours can strain your eyes and mind and the solution is simple: integrate the classic lamps with a methacrylate panel that lets in the light (and also guarantees privacy), make sure that the PC and the desk are illuminated. from natural light and being able to peek out of the window on a beautiful view make the difference! Then decorate the work table, shelves or bookcase with flowering plants it will serve not only to purify the surrounding air but also to remind you that life is in constant transformation and renewal and wants nothing more than… to be contemplated.

3 – Comfort.

As for the furniture reserved for home office furnishings, the same attention must be paid to creating the other rooms in the house. The risk is to choose the first old table from the cellar or the grandmother’s chair and this compromises health in the long run. It is time to buy a comfortable and comfortable office chair , and to choose a desk of the shape and size suitable for the type of work being done. The chair with reclining parts and supports for the neck and lumbar area will remove problems such as cervical and back pain and the correct positioning of the work tools will avoid tiring and harmful postures for the whole body.

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4 – Mix of old and new.

One of the advantages of the home office is precisely that of being able to eliminate the coldness of the working corner, as often happens in the office or company. Yes to ultramodern screens and Hi-tech equipment but surrounded by favorite accessories: paintings, frames, rugs and travel memories, able to create a stimulating atmosphere . Via the anonymous and sad white or gray walls, and yes to a colorful corner , inspired by your preferences; spring is the perfect season to give new air and vitality to any environment, after the inertia of the winter that has just ended.

5 – Optimize the available space.

Even if you don’t have an entire room where you can work, just a few tricks are enough to organize the workstation: shelves and bookcases, shelves or containers are essential for storing documents, filed practices and work tools. To easily access everything you need, just take advantage of the vertical spaces and, why not, paint a corner with chalkboard paint . With a minimal expense you will get an organized, clean and… enviable office!


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