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Best Tips for Saving Money on Pet Care and Grooming

Ok, so you’re a pet owner. Maybe you’re dealing with a super-shedding Golden Retriever or a Persian cat that’s more groomed than you. Either way, it’s probably safe to assume that your furry family member is costing you more than just emotional support.


According to the American Pet Product Association, the average annual dog owner spends about $1,480 a year on their pet, and cats aren’t too far behind. While it may feel like there’s no getting around the cost of having a pet in your life, there are plenty of ways to save money on pet care and grooming while still giving them the best possible quality of life. Read on for top tips and tricks for keeping costs low while keeping pets happy.


Make Sure You’re Getting the Best Deal


When it comes to saving money on pet care, there are a few things to remember. First, ensure you’re getting the best deal by comparing pet care products and service prices. This is especially important when purchasing items online or through subscription services like Amazon Prime Pantry.


Second, stay up-to-date with coupons and deals from local businesses. Many local businesses offer discounts if you sign up for their newsletter or text message alerts, so check these out.


Finally, don’t forget those hidden costs that can add up quickly when caring for your pets. These include boarding fees, grooming appointments, and dog walkers. If possible, try keeping these costs down by doing them yourself or splitting them with friends or family members who also have pets.


Shop Around for Pet Supplies


When it comes to saving money on pet supplies, one of the most obvious ways is to shop around. While you may think that all pet stores are similar, there are quite a few differences. For example, some stores only sell food and other necessary items, while others also serve as grooming centers or offer boarding facilities.


PetCareRx is an online pet store that offers almost everything from pet medication to toys and has several offers available most of the time. Most websites also offer free shipping options and will ship directly from warehouses, so customers don’t have to spend extra time going back and forth between different locations. Also, keep an eye out for sales at grocery stores since many of them will also occasionally carry pet supplies. Just ensure they are not expired.


DIY Pet Grooming


DIY pet grooming is the process of grooming your dog, cat, or other small animal using only items you have at home. You may use various tools such as nail clippers, medicated wipes, and a brush to achieve the look you want for your pet.


The benefits of DIY pet grooming include saving money on professional services and learning something new about taking care of your pet. The downsides include not getting the same results as if you had gone to a groomer, potentially causing injury to your pet if not done correctly, and having limited options when trying to style their fur in some ways.


Suppose you decide that DIY pet grooming is something you can undertake. In that case, several things will help make it easier, such as using clippers with a guard attached, buying an electric trimmer for long coats, getting grooming tools made specifically for cats, and investing in high-quality regular brushes.


Shop in Bulk or Use Coupons


A quick internet search should turn up many online coupons that can be used at your local veterinarian’s office or pet store. You may also want to check out the websites of Walmart and Amazon. Both websites run frequent sales on large quantities of various brands’ cat food options and specific types like Special Kitty Premium Cat Litter.


Don’t Overspend on Toys or Treats


Pets need to be stimulated, and this is especially true of dogs. If you’re on a tight budget, consider making your own toys and treats rather than spending money on store-bought ones. This is especially true if you have multiple pets. You can ensure they all get the exact toy they need at an affordable price. It also helps if you take advantage of sales when they come around.


If buying cheap treats in bulk isn’t possible for your situation, look into buying in bulk online or at another store that won’t charge shipping fees. The same goes for toys.  Instead of buying one new toy every time your pet needs something new to play with, go ahead and stock up now so that it’s ready when needed.


Plan for Emergencies


You should consider setting up a pet emergency fund. This is a separate account that you use to cover any unexpected expenses related to your pet. You might think of it as money you wouldn’t mind spending for something like vet bills or boarding your pet when you’re out of town. It doesn’t have to be much; even $100 can go a long way in an emergency.


Ideally, you’ll also have enough money set aside so that if your beloved pets get hurt or sick, they can get the care they need without putting you into financial distress. If the cost of treatment is more than what’s available in the emergency savings account, then take steps on another front: raise prices where possible and/or look into financing options like Care Credit.


Invest in Preventative Care and Regular Checkups


You should absolutely invest in preventative care and regular checkups. These can be a great way to catch issues early on, making them less likely to escalate into something more serious later. Checkups are also crucial as they can help keep your pet healthy.


Regular checkups can also help keep your pet’s teeth healthy by allowing you to get an early diagnosis of any dental issues they may have so that the problem doesn’t get worse and become expensive later down the line.


These are the best tips to save money while taking care of your pet to the best of your capability. It’s true that pets are a lot of work and expensive. But they are family, and expenses are never a factor when it comes to family.


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