June 7


How to Become More Confident

Many young people complain that they are too shy, timid and want to be more confident.

In fact, confidence can be gained both with the help of experience and with the help of some psychological techniques.

Self-confidence is one’s belief in their abilities and strength. When a person is calm and does not strain themselves before any important event that requires confident actions. They believe they can solve any problem.

Of course, self-confidence does not guarantee 100% that everything will be successful, but it allows you to get out of the comfort zone, expand its boundaries and move towards success. If

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It is proven that success depends more on a person’s self-confidence, and not on competence (real knowledge and abilities).

So, here are a few important steps to self-confidence:

Show self-confidence.

As strange as it may sound, in fact, to be confident, you can first imitate it. Fake it till you make it.

In nature, some animals do just that, demonstrating courage in the face of danger.

Take care of yourself

You notice that successful managers and entrepreneurs regularly play sports․

If you don’t take care of yourself: you don’t eat properly, lead a sedentary lifestyle, don’t sleep well, it will be difficult to show the world your best image.

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You don’t need to train for hours at all. 30-60 minutes of exercise a day, walking to class or work or not using the elevator is enough to produce endorphins and feel good.

Start with small lifestyle changes, gradually get used to the routine, and it will become an integral part of your daily life.

Learn the secrets of effective communication

Prepare in advance for an important conversation, learn the rules of effective communication.

Get acquainted with the material in advance, concentrate on the interlocutor and the content, show interest.

Don’t compare yourself to others

Remember that you are an individual and there is no one like you.

If you compare yourself with others, there will always be someone else who will be better than you and ahead of you. You don’t need to blindly follow the ideas and thoughts of others, so you won’t recognize yourself.

Do not wait for the praise of others, act in your own interests.

Surround yourself with positive people

Self-confidence also depends on communicating with positive people.

A self-confident individual is known to respect and love themselves, and to spread that to others, which benefits them.

Try to communicate frequently with people who are open, pleasant, and strong.Negative feelings are often contagious, suppressing desires, aspirations and new ideas of a person.

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Stop criticizing yourself.

Even a negative attitude and phrases such as “this could only happen to a loser like me”, “everything is bad in my life”, actually contribute to bad events.

Accept failure as a life experience that will help you not to be afraid and act confidently next time, taking into account previous experience.

Learn to forgive yourself and move on. It is better to direct your efforts to new goals and new successes. It will also be useful to have a diary in which you record the good events and victories in your life and praise yourself.

Listen to yourself and your inner voice

Be aware of your emotions and desires.

Often people don’t understand what they want. Maybe you have already achieved your dream, but you didn’t even notice it.

Think about what you really need to feel good about yourself.


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