March 20


Least known good website traffic sources  

How much traffic is your website getting every month? Do you wish to increase the traffic tremendously?

Then stay tuned till the end.

In this article, we will discuss some good traffic sources that you are probably not using.


Email marketing 

You read that right.

Although email marketing is primarily used for nurturing leads and retaining existing customers, it can also be used to drive traffic to your website.

Let us say you publish blogs on your website twice a week.

Every time a blog is posted, you could send emails to the right target audience giving them a gist about this blog and to know more they will have to hit that link to your blog.

This way you can drive people to your website.

By any chance, if you are struggling to build an email list because you did not know how to find emails, here is a tip for you.


How to find emails? 

With email lookup tools such as, one can locate the email address of anyone on this planet.

You can start with the free version of this tool and the chrome extension for Gmail application.

I hope you find this helpful.

Now let us look at other ways to get traffic to your website.

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Content syndication platforms 

With content syndication platforms you grow accustomed to improved algorithms that will match your content with the content where your sponsored posts appear.

For example, if some is reading a blog related to starting a new business, and you have content that is about how to start a business, the content syndicate platforms will bring your content in front of those who are already reading a similar content.

These platforms come with a lot of customization options allowing you to adjust your targeting like Google ads and FB ads.

Some good examples of such platforms are Taboola, Zemanta, ZergNet, etc.



Most of the people, including business owners and marketers, consume from this search engine, but seldom they use it for driving traffic to their website.

The traffic from YouTube could be from the link on your video description and from you mentioning your website URL (Uniform Resource Locator) on your videos.

And the visitors you get from YouTube are not cold traffic.

By watching your videos, they get to know you and your business and then they land on your website, there is a high chance of a good conversion rate.


Capitalize on website with high DA (Domain Authority) 

You need to capitalize on websites with user generated content and high domain authority.

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The idea is simple.

You must look for websites with massive backlink profiles and high domain authority. Besides these two metrics you want to use these websites that accept user generated content.

Once you locate such websites, you can create content that they readily publish on their website. When your content is published on such websites linking back to your site, you can generate traffic.

For example, Medium, Quora, Wikipedia, etc.

Even if the links do not help you with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it is still fine to participate in such communities and in an appropriate place, mention about your product or service, and link back to your website.


Concluding thoughts 

Now that you know about the good traffic sources, it is time for you to take action instead of wasting your time on reading tons of content about different traffic sources.



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