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Solve your data challenges with the competitive data analytics company


Solve your data challenges with the competitive data analytics company

The name Saras Analytics comes from the Sanskrit word for crane. According to Indian mythology, the crane is a sacred animal. Given its capacity to fly in formations across enormous distances, it can fly at high altitudes, migrate to new continents, and adapt; it is dynamic, nimble, and a wonderful team player.


At Saras Analytics, they seek to acquire all of these attributes, including strength, flexibility, adaptability, and the capacity to be dynamic. True to their name, they set high goals for ourselves and work together to attain them. They collaborate across boundaries and are fluid and adaptable in their pursuit of their main aim, which is to help their clients succeed.


Data analytics is a wide term that refers to a variety of strategies for structuring and mining raw data. For enterprises at various stages of data maturity, Saras Analytics develops sophisticated data designs, delivers data solutions, and provides managed data analytics services.


They Work With Various Data Types

Saras Analytics is a data analytics firm that helps companies in more than 30 sectors connect, collect, and analyse numerous data kinds from many data sources to meet their most specific needs at the department and enterprise levels.

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Making strategies with the data

Business exploration and planning workshops are usually the first steps in their partnership. During these meetings, they engage closely with important business stakeholders to understand the organization’s and their particular teams’ aims and objectives.


The workshops are designed to be collaborative and exploratory. These workshops help teams gain clarity and define success more accurately, paving the way for the formulation of a defined analytics roadmap that must be followed.


Checking the Health of Analytics and Putting It into Practice

90% of digital organizations have a faulty Google Analytics implementation or an unsuitable configuration for enhancing user experience through CRO. They  audit and resolve difficulties by implementing GA in accordance with corporate needs and industry best practices. They  use their significant e-commerce and analytics knowledge to design and implement high-value, low-impact data collecting solutions.

⦁         Using a 100-point checklist, examine the website or app.

⦁         Create events and funnels to find drop-off spots.

⦁         Fix difficulties with attribution and data quality.

⦁         Create an analytics reporting strategy.





Experiments with a high possibility of producing faster results are prioritized. Positive outcomes contribute to a sense of trust, which allows for more experimentation and cooperation. To put it another way, they  design a roadmap for experimentation and measurement, prioritizing low-effort, high-impact trials above others to get the process started.

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Designing Experiments

They  collaborate closely with your in-house design team or design agency, providing them with information on the user path, user drop-off spots, conversion performance, and more. This stage ensures that the brand is consistent throughout all of the site’s components. They  then perform their trials using the new designs given by the team.


Take measures immediately to optimize the value of your data in order to stay competitive in the marketplace or obtain a competitive edge. Allow your analysts to focus on insights rather than data preparation by providing them with a robust architecture. Never again will you waste time on manual reporting.



Defining a new parameter of data analytics with Saras Analytics


Insights that have the potential to influence the trajectory of any business. Saras Analytics is a data management and predictive analytics firm that can work with you at any point in the data life cycle. They help stakeholders make data-driven decisions by bringing data to life. The process to become a data-driven organization necessitates bringing together people with a variety of expertise who are working toward a single goal.


The Superhero of Data Replication

Saras tool mission is to make advanced analytics accessible and cheap to small and medium-sized businesses. Making it quick and easy to aggregate fragmented data and allowing teams to focus on uncovering insights is one method to cut analytics expenditures. Daton is the superpower that will assist us in achieving their goals. Daton has the ability to consolidate all of your data into the data warehouse of your choice.

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Analytics implementation

90% of Google Analytics setups are either incomplete or incorrect:

  • Inadequate understanding of marketing campaigns, resulting in improper attribution and ineffective campaigns
  • Inability to pinpoint the exact cause of user abandonment in the conversion funnel
  • Insights into the performance of banners and listings are limited.


Specification for Data Collection

Understanding the footprints that customers or visitors leave behind when they visit a website is critical for a digital business. However, They have found that the complexities of tagging a site are not well understood or appreciated based onTheir experience implementing tagging for hundreds of sites. Companies who are aware of these intricacies have a better understanding of their clients and, as a result, generate better marketing results.


They collaborate with you to determine what data is critical to you, what data to capture, and what data to avoid gathering, as well as to design a data capture plan and work with your engineering teams to put it in place.


Data Structures

Traditionally, constructing an enterprise data warehouse has been a costly endeavour. Costs have decreased dramatically in recent years as a result of advancements in public cloud technologies. Analysts and business users alike can now profit from data warehouses without having to worry about the administration overhead thanks to cloud technologies. The first step in this journey is to build an infrastructure layer that enables you to collect data from various systems and aggregate it into cloud data warehouses.

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Implementation of the Data Layer

We work with your engineering teams to implement the data tagging definition after They understand your data gathering requirements for mobile apps and web applications. This activity necessitates the use of a data layer.


Marketing attribution challenges are frequently caused by erroneous data captures on digital assets. Many of Their customers who conducted a data audit and put aside time and money to execute Their recommendations have a better knowledge of their marketing data and attribution today. These customers have a better understanding of the growth drivers and can use data insights to optimize marketing expenditure and increase business growth and profitability.


To gain long-term benefits, you need a solid data foundation, which starts with an audit. Get your systems audited today by contacting them.


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