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Tips To Keep Your Food Delivery Business In Pace With The Changing Trends

Hi! The focus of restaurants has rapidly shifted towards online order taking. For delivering the respective orders, restaurants largely partner with third-party fleets. But there is also an increase in the number of restaurants who develop their ordering app and make use of their own fleets.

You might have noticed that the challenges like more number of food delivery apps, frequent discounts offered by giant food delivery apps, etc. And, of course, the pandemic is one of the biggest challenges. In order to beat these challenges, you need to work on a few things, which we will discuss in this blog. Let us get in!

What are the areas to focus in your food delivery business?

Quality of food

In the food delivery business, quality is the king. Users should feel that the money they pay for their favourite food should be worth it. A general scenario is that restaurants will initially pay more heed to the quality of the food they prepare. When their business grows and multiple orders arrive, they will miss out on the quality of the food. 

Let that never be a case in your food delivery business. You must devise ways on how to balance the quality of food and also the number of orders you take. Employing the right number of cooks and staff will be one of the ways to establish this balance. Also, as a business owner, you must perform quality checks before the orders are sent out for delivery.


It is normal that users will often end up confused to select a food of their choice. So, for that, you need an advanced on-demand food delivery app like UberEats that is infused with AI-based food recommendations. 

Generally, recommendations are given to users based on past food orders. In addition, users will also get recommendations on hot selling food items. Also, you can suggest combo food items to users, which will lure them. Overall, with AI-based recommendations, you can clear the confusions of users in selecting food items and give exposure to your other food items as well.

Sharp delivery

Time is the most crucial metric in every business that carries out delivery. Even if your delivery surpasses a few minutes, then that will be the reason for losing your users. At times, your delivery persons may find it hard to deliver the orders before the given time. Yes, there are many uncertainties associated with carrying out deliveries.

To eliminate those uncertainties, a well-featured delivery app is necessary. Yes, your food delivery app must carry the route optimizer feature, which will be ultimately beneficial for your delivery persons.

In fact, it is a crucial feature in eliminating irregular deliveries. Let us look at how a route optimizer helps your delivery persons. Once the delivery persons are all set for delivery, they will make certain recommendations on routes to reach the destination. The recommended routes are derived from a list of factors like traffic, weather conditions, etc.,

When your delivery persons are given multiple routes paired with the information on whether there is intense traffic or not, they will not miss out on timely delivery.

Short videos

A crispy video can make a whole new difference in attracting your users closer. Generally, businesses carry out content marketing campaigns through different content like articles, blogs, newsletters, etc. Video creation is also another form of content through which you can get instant reach. 

Shoot a tempting video that revolves around the preparation of food items. This will attract users in the very place itself. Nextly, you can make use of the contemporary situation and make video content out of it. Guess, what? It is none other than the prevailing situation of the pandemic. Restaurants that follow the safety precautions have greater chances of getting more users.

So, how to let users know the safety precautions you follow? For that, you need to shoot videos explaining different measures carried out in your restaurants by staff, delivery persons and other workers. So, never miss out on creating video content!

Work on SEO practices

It is normal for restaurant apps to rank at lower positions. But there is always room for optimizing your website or application and steer them towards the top position. SEO practices that will favour the rankings of your application are content relevancy, keyword placement, high speed loading page, alt tags, etc.

Also, your main site must be captivating in the first position itself. Similarly, you can increase the rankings through publishing quality content on foreign sites and drive traffic to your site. These practices are followed to increase the rankings of your website in Google search results.

Next, you need to maintain the rankings in the app stores as well. For that, App Store optimization is the key concept. Out of all, feedback management will help you out in the long run. Listen to what your users have to say about your food delivery services and related stuff. Make sure you resolve their concerns on a timely basis.


Unlike a few decades ago, you don’t have to carry out arduous marketing activities by reaching out to users in-person, giving away pamphlets, etc. To ease the marketing activities, online tools are available in plenty. Social media content creation, ads, blogging, and many such activities can be taken up to market your business online. 

Most importantly, affiliate and influencer marketing are the main marketing activities you will need. Like said before, giving out pamphlets is an obsolete method of marketing. Instead, restaurants, rope in influencers, who will expose your business to users. Affiliate marketing is what you carry out with the aid of your existing users. A simple referral program with bonus points is all about affiliate marketing but that can make an intense impact.

Final thoughts

The growing food delivery business can be overwhelming for you but there are challenges as well. So, you can stick around these fundamental practices to grow your business in the midst of competition and challenges. Break a leg!

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