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What are the signs that your date isn’t going as planned?

It’s not uncommon to be on a date and suddenly realize, “Hey, this isn’t going well. They don’t laugh at my jokes, they keep looking at their phone every two minutes, they won’t eat anything I offer them…this is bad. Really bad.” But why? What are the signs that your date isn’t going as planned? And how can you tell if it’s too late to salvage things? In this article, we’ll go over 5 of the most telling signs-things like laughing less than usual or refusing food and drink offers-that indicate your date may be coming to an end soon.

They Don’t Laugh At Your Jokes

One of the easiest keys to tell if your date isn’t going as planned is by simply paying attention and listening to their laughter. If they’re not laughing or smiling at all-or worse yet, they keep looking at their phone every two minutes. So there’s a good chance that this date isn’t turning out as well as you’d hoped. They might not be interested in you anymore, and they’re probably just waiting until the date’s over so that they can go home alone. If you want to salvage this, then you’ve got to understand why they lost interest in your story or joke right then and there-not after the second time it happened.

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They Keep Looking At Their Phone Every Two Minutes

If you’ve been on more than one date with someone and it keeps happening, there’s a high likelihood that something is up with them (it might even go beyond just bad dates). It could be that they’re bored and need constant, they always like to check their phone for messages, or that they’re surfing for ways to find a sugar daddy. It’s pretty safe to say that this is not the kind of person you want to date, but if you really want to salvage things, then try asking them politely if they could put their phone away for the remainder of the date. If it happens again, then you know you’ve found yet another dating red flag.

They Refuse Food And Drink Offers

Does your date reject every drink offer and every food dish that you suggest? First off, there are a lot of dates out there who don’t drink at all (and that’s okay)-but then again, there are also those dates who can’t seem to stop eating. So if you’re on a date with someone who’s constantly turning down food and drink, then that’s another red flag that your date isn’t going well. And if they don’t even respond to it? Then the chances are really high that something is up with them, and you should probably end things right now rather than later.

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They Don’t Say Thank You For Paying

This is one of the most significant dating signs when it comes to finances-if your date doesn’t say “thank you” for paying for their meal or drinks, there could be a lot of different reasons why this happened (and none of them are good). Maybe they think asking men to pay for everything makes them sound desperate, perhaps they’ve been hurt in the past and don’t want you to feel like they’re “using” you, or maybe your date just doesn’t know how to thank someone for doing something nice. Whatever the reason behind it, there’s a chance that this might not end well-so if you do plan on seeing them again, then try opening up a dialogue about it so that they can share their thoughts and feelings with you.

They Don’t Make Eye Contact

Making eye contact with your date isn’t always easy…but if they haven’t even tried to look at you yet during dinner, that’s a sign that this will go badly very soon. This is especially common in shy people, but there might be something more going on-are you being unintentionally ignored by them? Have they been hurt recently, or are they just really nervous about their date? The best thing that you can do is try to open up a dialogue with them about this to feel comfortable talking to you. If it happens again, then your chances of getting your date back are pretty slim!

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The Bottom Line

There are plenty of signs out there that might indicate that your date isn’t going well at all-but. How many of these signs did both you and your date experience tonight? While it’s important to recognize these things early on instead of later, the only way you’ll ever be able to tell if something is wrong is by paying attention during dinner. Are their eyes darting around, or are they staring at their food? Are they saying thank you for paying, or are they chewing their food without looking up from their plate? Use this as a baseline so that you can tell if something is wrong before it’s too late!


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