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What to Do if You See a Snake?

Snakes are an important part of the natural world feeding on pest animals like rodents. They also help keep other animal populations in check. However, most people are afraid of snakes and do not want to encounter a snake.

There are steps you can take to prevent snakes from getting into your house. If you do see a snake there are some important things you should do.

Do Not Approach a Snake

If you see or hear a snake you should move away from it. Do not move closer to a snake. A snake will not go after you, so if you quietly step back and simply walk away then the snake can go about its business and you can safely go about yours.

Snakes generally don’t want to encounter humans. In the case of a cobra, the snake can spit venom, so it is even more important to keep your distance and move away from the snake.

Do Not Try to Kill a Snake

Do not, under any circumstances, try to kill a snake that you encounter. Snakes are important, as we already mentioned. The chances of you being injured or bitten also increase if you try to kill a snake. Most snake bites occur when people pick up, try to kill, or otherwise handle a snake. A snake will bite or spit as a defense mechanism when it feels threatened.

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What to Do If You See a Snake Indoors

If you see a snake outdoors you don’t really need to do anything because the animal is in its natural habitat. However, if a snake comes inside your house, then you need to contact pest control experts who can remove it.

Snake removal requires special knowledge and training in order for it to be done safely. Do not try to catch or kill a snake you find inside. Keep an eye on where the snake is and inform the snake removal professionals so they can safely take care of the snake for you.

As mentioned previously, handling, provoking, or attempting to harm a snake is much more likely to cause you injury. The safest course of action for a snake indoors is to contact the appropriate experts.

Teach Children How to Act if They See a Snake

It is a natural fear that a snake could pose a danger to a child. The best approach is to educate children on what to do if they spot a snake. In general, children should be taught to not approach or interfere with wild animals.

Teach children about snakes and why they are important in nature. Children must also be taught that a snake can be dangerous and they should never touch or go near a snake. Children must be told to immediately tell an adult if they see a snake, especially if it is inside.

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If you follow the tips we have given there should be no reason to be afraid of a snake.


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