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Feel Divine Bliss at Holy Places in India

India is rich in diversity and in its diverse land there are holy places, religious shrines, temples and other spiritual places. Holy places in India are found in every nook and corner of the country. India is home to many religions, many beliefs, many Gods and Goddess. Pilgrimage is a holy journey that devotees take to pay their respects to the holy places, holy shrines and other scared sites.

It is believed that visiting the holy places in India is good for mental bliss, health and spiritual peace. Pay a visit to any of the holy places and feel divine blessings. To start with pilgrimage in India, take a look at the sacred places that you can visit.

Vaishno Devi

One of India’s most famous shrines, the Vaishno Devi Temple is dedicated to the Goddess Durga. Settled in the Trikuta hIlls in Jammu and Kashmir, the temple is set in a cave where the Goddess is worship in the form of pindi (rock). The holy presence of the Mother brings devotees to seek Goddess’s blessing and pay gratitude.

The cave temple is a 13-km trek from the foothills of Katra. There are options to walk barefoot or with shoes or go on horses or palkis. Ropeway rides and helicopter services are also available that allows devotees to save time and energy to visit the temple.

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Besides the cave shrine of the Mata, there is the temple of Bhariornath that one must also visit. A dip in the mountain river and other cave shrines are also not to be missed.

Best time to visit: All through the year except the months of monsoon. The holy days of Navratri (the festival of the Goddess Durga) are most popular among the devotees. Summer is pleasant weather while winter brings light snowfall.

Tirupati Balaji

Tirupati Balaji in Andhra Pradesh is India’s richest pilgrimage destination. Set atop the seventh peak of Tirumala Hill, the ancient temple is Home to the Trimula Venkateswara temple and its richness, it is one of the most popular holy places in India. Around 50 thousands to 1 lakh people visit this temple in India every year.

Devotees visit the temple in the belief to attain bliss. Many donate hair as offering to the Lord. The delicious temple Prasad is food for the very soul.

Best time to visit: All through the year. The weather is always pleasant. The best time is to visit during the festival called Brahmotsavam, which gathers a large crowd of devotees.


One of India’s holiest places, the sacred city of Varanasi is very famous. Settled just along the River Ganga, the holy river, the city is a religious and cultural centre of India. The Kashi Vishwanath temple in Varanasi is a holy shrine which is also one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. Beside the temple, the sacred river ghats, the holy rituals and the daily spectacular Ganga Aarti offer spiritual bliss,

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It is believed by devotes, that everyone must visit Varanasi once in their lives. A dip in holy Ganges cleanses all sins and offers salvation.

Best time to visit: There is no best time to visit Varanasi as devotees can visit anytime of the year. It is best to not visit in the season of rains.

Haridwar- Rishikesh

The two towns in Uttarakhand, Haridwar and Rishikesh lying on the banks of River Ganges are believed to be holy places in India. Dotted with temples, river ghats and sacred rituals, both of these towns are places that pilgrims must visit once in their lives.

Haridwar is the holy town which hosts the Kumbh Mela, once in 12 years. Rishikesh is just another name for spiritual bliss. The many ashrams are proof to the fact that it is preferred by devotees to take a break from life and forge a divine connection.

Best time to visit: Plans to visit both or any of these town can be made yearlong. It is the best to avoid the monsoon reason.

Mathura- Vrindavan

Finding its mention in many holy books, the towns of Mathura- Vrindavan are holy places in India. Nestled in Uttar Pradesh, these places are associated with the Lord Krishna. It is believed that the lord was born here and spent his childhood here. Both these places are dotted with temples, his chants and his blessings.

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Best time to visit: While Mathura-Vrindavan can be visited all through the year, the best time to visit is Holi, the festival of colors and Janamashtami, the birth of Lord Krishna.


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