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How Can I Make a Career as a Car Enthusiast?

If you love cars and are willing to go the extra mile for them, then an auto mechanic course is undoubtedly the right one for you! A car lover doesn’t have to leave his love in a garage at all! Having a deep love for your vehicle doesn’t mean that you only have to drive it. Indeed, it is no doubt that the craftsmanship that goes into maintaining and developing every bit of the vehicle is quite extraordinary. Apart from that, with a professional auto mechanic course, you can land yourself on a fast track as well as a high-paying job and enjoy all the benefits associated with it.

How High is the Demand for Automotive Technicians?

At the moment, the automotive industry employs about 4 million job seekers in the US. Apart from that, when you consider the number of cars running on the streets of the US, it is pretty evident that the demand for such skilled technicians is going to be high. Furthermore, technology has advanced so much today that the world is talking about creating cars that can fly. Apart from that, electric cars were once an idea; however, these have become a reality today. Indeed, when it comes to talking about the manufacturing industry and retail trade, you will have numerous jobs to help you upskill your knowledge. However, you will need a professional auto mechanic certificate to be able to bag such high roles! Nevertheless, as a car enthusiast, you can pursue a few of these fields.

  • Automotive Technician

What could be a better job than fixing people’s cars and repairing frames, wheels, and other alignments as a car enthusiast? Indeed, the role of an automotive technician is quite vital when it comes to a nation’s economy. Apart from that, this profession has its competitive benefits as well. With a high-paying characteristic, the BLS expects the employment rate to grow about 4 percent until 2029. Besides, you do not need a bachelor’s degree. However, employers might consider individuals that have good experience as well as a professional certification. Many automotive technician schools offer such professional courses. Therefore, it would be best to consider enrolling in these schools if you wish to pursue a career in this field.

  • Automotive Engineer

These engineers are primarily involved in designing and building car models to improve safety, efficiency, and overall appearance and style. Although the profession may seem quite exciting and easy, it has its challenges and difficulties. Besides, as an automotive engineer, you will need to adhere to the manufacturer’s needs. These engineers may also need a bachelor’s degree in a similar field such as mechanical engineering. However, STEM skills and advanced knowledge are pretty critical since you will have to face many challenges in this field! You can also opt for an auto shop school to understand essential aspects of this field.       


Automotive repair training is done on these vehicles at auto shop school                        
Automotive repair training is done on these vehicles at auto shop school
  • Automotive Salesman

These workers usually have to work with car dealerships. Besides, they may also have to help their customer’s in finding the most suitable vehicle. From managing and supervising sales teams to keeping track of the company’s inventory record, an automotive salesman has to perform many functions. For this role, you will need a bachelor’s degree in any field related to management and business studies. For this field as well, an auto shop school could be of pretty great help! 

  • Vehicle Rental Agent

Many travelers visit America during certain popular seasons especially, Christmas. As a car rental agent, you will have to perform numerous duties, such as handling sensitive documentation and helping vacationers rent suitable cars. A specialized agent will need to know the fundamental aspects of a vehicle and hold a valid license to drive. Besides, he will also need a good driving record. Formal education is not necessary. However, automotive repair training may be essential!         

  • Tire Technician

Indeed, car machinery does have to go through harsh wear and tear because it is run on power for about 5 hours on average. Regularly, a tire technician has to upkeep the longevity of a vehicle. Apart from fixing and repairing customers’ tires, they also have to work in a warehouse or automotive shop. Therefore, an auto repair course can be of great help if you wish to pursue a career in this field.

Automotive repair training going on in auto shop school
Automotive repair training going on in auto shop school
  • Valet

Many clubs, hotels as well as resorts usually employ valets to cater to guest’s vehicles. Besides, a valet might also have to retrieve his guest’s car once they are ready to leave. Therefore, you may need to have a few customer relationship skills here. Besides, a valid driving license and a clean driving record may be necessary to experience a whole new world behind the wheels. You will also need to be exceptionally punctual since no guest likes to wait for their car.      


By enrolling in a good auto repair course, you can increase your opportunity of bagging quite a high-paying job. Besides, many states in the US employ large numbers of automotive technicians. Indeed, you must not lose this opportunity and gain the necessary exposure today!

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