March 25


How to Manage Your Budget: Top 3 Tools for Home Accounting

If you and your family members have thought about convenient home accounting, to clearly see not only your income but also monthly expenses, the usual paper notebook with a pen is already outdated, and standard Excel is certainly not bad, but if you have not fully mastered this program, then a special program for home accounting, which you can download free on the Internet is easy, will be the best solution to realize your goals.


There are a lot of such programs, so you are sure to find the one that will be perfect for you. There are a lot of programs of this kind, so you are sure to find the one that is perfect for you. It should be noted that free programs aren’t “bad” programs because they also have all the necessary features for an accurate accounting of the family funds. The differences most often lie in the design, as well as in some convenient features without which, in principle, you can do without.


Cubux is an online family accountant. It is designed to keep track of your income, expenses, credits, loans and other debts. This multifunctional budgeting tool helps to streamline financial flows and manage them more efficiently.

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The main Cubux features:

  • Recording expenses in a few clicks – photo check downloads, categorization, item-by-item analysis.
  • Universal access to the cost base for all authorized users.
  • Generating and receiving reports.
  • Expenditure tracking and monitoring from any device.
  • Managing the joint family budget with relatives or family members.
  • Adding new users, tracking their transactions.
  • Granting access rights with different functionality (e.g. viewing, no changes, etc.).
  • Full confidentiality and much more.


HomeBank is a completely free app that allows you to organize home budgeting – accounting of expenses and income. The distinctive feature of this program is that it supports data exchange with Microsoft Money, as well as Quicken and some other apps. It works using the following formats:

  • QIF.
  • QFX (OFX).
  • CSV.


The main features of HomeBank:

  • Ability to break down expenses and income by category.
  • Data output in the form of diagrams.
  • Planning of future expenses (from small ones, like for bets at CasinoChan, to huge ones, like a purchase of a new car).
  • Possibility to create transactions in automatic mode.
  • Visualization of current operations.
  • Import of data in certain formats the program works with.


AceMoney is available in four versions, so you can download the full version or you can use the Lite version as well as the add-ons. The Lite version differs only in that with the program you can manage no more than two accounts, but for most families this will be more than enough. The account here means not only bank cards or accounts, but also cash of family members, i.e. if there are two working people in the family, the Lite version will be enough for them.

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With AceMoney, you can:

  • Manage your cash in different currencies (more than 150 names of currencies are represented).
  • Monitor online the changes in currency exchange rates.
  • Distribute your budget according to the items of expenditure (in the program there are more than 100 options for spending money).
  • Tracking of budget receipts and expenditures.
  • Calculation of expenses according to a certain sample for a time period of interest (utility bills, cell phones, food, etc.)
  • Generating reports (common formats are available. xls and .html).
  • Accounting of savings, debts, mortgages.
  • Possibility to create a backup copy, etc.


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