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The Beginner’s Guide To Mantra Yoga| 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

With origins in ancient Vedic science and Tantra, Mantra Yoga is the best form of yoga to help your mind focus on the present moment. As the name states, the Mantras in this yoga style engage your mind and bring you closer to divine source of life. If you want to learn this yoga style, enroll in the 200 hour yoga teacher training program.

d the first word is Man which means Mind and Tra which means Vehicle. These mantra can be a word, phrase, or even a sound that keeps your mind focused in the yoga practice. It takes your focus away from the external material world and brings it towards the inner world which is where your true self lies.

With that said, yoga gurus have come up with a guide to help you understand everything about the sacred Mantra yoga.

Mantra Yoga – A Brief Intro

Mantra Yoga is one of the six branches of yoga that includes chanting of sacred syllables, or Vedic hymns to help you dissociate from the external world and focus on the internal world. Similar to other styles of yoga, the main aim of Mantra yoga is to help you achieve enlightenment. However, remember, Mantra and Yoga compliment each other and even have the same goal.

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Let us dive a bit deeper into the origins of this yoga style.

Mantra Yoga – The Origin

As stated above, Mantra Yoga is mentioned in the sacred Vedas and tantra. It is a common belief that yoga actually came in the form of Mantras and its primary teachings can be found in Rig Veda.

However, Mantra yoga is more of a spiritual practice as it has helped millions achieve enlightenment. Every verse and syllable used in this yoga style resonates with the sound of universal consciousness which brings you closer to the divine.

In Mantra yoga, you repeat specific syllables or verse to bring attention towards your true self. The process of repetition is known as Japa and it is how you might also know Mantra yoga as Japa yoga. Yoga experts recommend you enroll in the 200 hour yoga teacher training to learn everything about this powerful yoga style.

But, there are certain elements that are required to help you complete this practice. Let us find out what these are.

Elements Of Mantra Yoga

Given below are two major elements that make up the Mantra yoga practice.

1. Parts Of Mantra

Do you know the basic requirements of every mantra practiced in this yoga style? Yoga experts have come up with the five parts that contribute to a successful Mantra yoga practice.

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1. Rishi

A spiritual teacher who is also the discoverer of the mantra after hearing the sounds of higher consciousness. Later, the teacher becomes a medium who passes on this mantra to their followers.

2. Devta

Every mantra in the Sanskrit language has a specific deity presiding over it and can be called upon with correct chanting. By repeatedly chanting the mantra, the practitioner is able to acquire the consciousness of the said deity.

3. Chhanda

Here you find the pronunciation and rhythm of the mantra to please the deity associated with it. Each mantra is prepared keeping in mind the correct pronunciation to help a devotee connect with the deity. You should enroll in 200 hour yoga teacher training to know how to pronounce a mantra.

4. Bija

Bija is the essence of the mantra that grants it special powers. Remember, it is the Bija of the mantra that stimulates the energy centers located in your body. In short, Bija is an important component of every mantra.

5. Tattva

Tattva is key to unlocking the required results behind a mantra. You should know that each mantra possesses the nature of all five elements and one of the three gunas.

Let us now focus on the second element of Mantra yoga – the limbs of Mantra yoga.

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2. Limbs Of Mantra Yoga

Just like the limbs of Ashtanga yoga, there are limbs of Mantra yoga. Knowing these would help you get the desired result from the practice. Let us check out some of these.

1. Bhakti

The primary element of Mantra yoga is devotion towards the practice. Remember, it is impossible for you to manifest the desired results without having unshakable faith in this yoga style.

2. Shudhi

Shudhi means purification and in terms of yoga it refers to the cleansing of your body, mind, and spirit. Moreover, before you start a Mantra yoga practice the place has to be pure and clean of all impurities.

3. Asana

These are the yoga poses you practice during Mantra yoga session. Asana is also the seat on which you sit for the session. Enroll in the 200 hour yoga teacher training program to know all about this aspect of Mantra yoga.

4. Achara

This refers to your conduct apart from the practice. You have to follow a moral values and stay away from all negative influences and activities.

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5. Dharana

An important element of Mantra yoga practice is Dharana. This refers to concentrating your mind in the present moment. The 200 hour yoga teacher training provides you complete knowledge about Mantra yoga and how you can practice this yoga style.

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6. Mudra

The hand gestures that represent devotional, spiritual, emotional, and aesthetic aspects of chanting mantra.

7. Prana Kriya

This is the practice of regulating your breath by controlling the inhalation, retention, and exhalation.

8. Havan

An offering to the deity done by burning the fire in the holy Yagya. This is also symbolic for feeding the lord in the fire form. Remember, Mantra yoga is never complete without Havan.


With origins going as back as to the ancient Vedas, there is no doubt that Mantra yoga offers you the best option to connect with your true self and the divine. You should enroll in the 200 hour yoga teacher training program to understand everything about this yoga style.

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